Tired of the unifying force of 9/11 Truth?

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Got this in Kevin Barrett's latest email...

1 August 2007
Interview: Jim Fetzer will be the guest of host Lee Rayburn, guest host, on Air America (nation-wide)7-8 PM/CT on airamerica.com (mp3)

Air America and Uncle Fetzer - Match Made in Shill Heaven!

So here's what it's looking like...


We have Air America, Jim Fetzer (911scholars.org), Kevin Barrett, and Dennis Kucinich!


We have Genesis Communications Network, Steven Jones (stj911.org), Alex Jones, and Ron Paul!

You don't need to give up your safe and comfortable Red/Blue partisanship for the sake of the truth!

Thanks to Controlled Movements Incorporated you can now be assured that even the issue of 9/11 truth will keep you safely divided from your fellow citizens!

Even better, you need not worry that your choice will affect America's support for Israel! As with ALL Controlled Movements blind support for Zionism is included at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Don't THINK... SINK!
with Controlled Movements Inc.