Yes, We're Still Here!

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As we've said before, invoking the spirit of Mark Twain, reports of the death of the truth movement have been greatly exaggerated. I have to say, having spent the last 10 years discussing 9/11 online, that there has never been this much evidence, judging from online comments, that the truth movement is succeeding. Better still, we have replaced fake truth products like the Loose Change series with fantastic new documentaries like 9/11 The New Pearl Harbor by Massimo Mazzucco, and 9/11 in the Academic Community by Adnan Zuberi. In addition, real truthers like David Chandler have supplanted less credible folks like Steven Jones as representative of the science side of 9/11 truth. Having long ago jumped the shark, charlatans like Alex Jones, James Fetzer, and Judy Wood are no longer tolerated by real truthers, who instead have rallied behind true scholars like David Griffin and Graeme Macqueen. The fake truth movement of Alex Jones, Dylan Avery, Abby Martin, Eric Hufschmid, Chris Bollyn, Jon Gold et al is the only movement that is dead.