Traveling 9/11 memorial stops at California Mid-State Fair

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Huh? Someone's dragging an 29,000 pound steel I BEAM around California?!?!

"A traveling 9/11 memorial makes a stop at the Mid-State Fair.

The 29,000 pound steel I BEAM sits on a tractor trailer bed as a stark reminder of the force behind the explosions that tumbled the Twin Towers on 9/11.

The beam was retrieved from Ground Zero and brought out to California by train.

The portable display has visited a handful of California fairs.

"On opening day, we're building this big memorial and my dad calls me and he says this is unbelievable. People are so touched and moved. We had to buy cases of Kleenex and writing their names and putting flowers, and on, and on."

Photos of Ground Zero on display also help retell history.

Donations are being collected to go towards finishing a permanent memorial located in Sacramento."