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"Morons could never be this consistent."

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An (nearly) Excellent Documentary From Montreal 9/11 Truth.

I say 'nearly' because part eight kinda weirded me out a little.

Anyway, Kinda funny that Rep posted this on 911blogger's front page and typically it's not as popular as something like Alten's 'Shill Game' or Dylan Avery's meaningless drivel.


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Interesting Video From Crooks & Liars

Yeah it's the typical right wing bashing only with a few surprises.

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Find the missing endorsement.

"Green Party Presidential Candidate Recognizes "The Shell Game"s Importance"

"Recently at a public event she held up a copy of a new novel by a NY Times best selling novelist, Steve Alten." <--- Taking it at face value, no questions asked, as usual.

Direct link.

Has Douglas lost it? Or am I wrong in thinking that equating holding up a book with a "recognition of importance" is, to be kind, a bit of a stretch?

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Ayn Rand's True Racist Colors.

The good part starts 2min 45sec in.

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Suheir Hammad - "First Writing Since".

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No Discussing Israel On LC Forum.

Or, "Dylan Avery Confirms He's A Shill (Or maybe just a Coward.)".

"Seriously, man. Lighten up. We don't want to talk about Israel here. That's our choice to make." - Dylan Avery

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Real-Time Comments Return To 911B

Just no 'holocaust revision'. I wonder though, does 'holocaust revision' include questioning the so-called Jew's (Israeli Zionists) role in 911...

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Traveling 9/11 memorial stops at California Mid-State Fair

Huh? Someone's dragging an 29,000 pound steel I BEAM around California?!?!

"A traveling 9/11 memorial makes a stop at the Mid-State Fair.

The 29,000 pound steel I BEAM sits on a tractor trailer bed as a stark reminder of the force behind the explosions that tumbled the Twin Towers on 9/11.

The beam was retrieved from Ground Zero and brought out to California by train.

The portable display has visited a handful of California fairs.

"On opening day, we're building this big memorial and my dad calls me and he says this is unbelievable. People are so touched and moved. We had to buy cases of Kleenex and writing their names and putting flowers, and on, and on."

Photos of Ground Zero on display also help retell history.

Donations are being collected to go towards finishing a permanent memorial located in Sacramento."

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Real American vs. Immigrants

I think I'm in love. (Just don't tell my wife);)

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Dog who searched for WTC survivors dies

This is sad. Dog's are truly man's best friend, I'm living testament to that.

A black Labrador who became a national canine hero after burrowing through white-hot, smoking debris in search of survivors at the World Trade Center site died Wednesday after a battle with cancer.

Owner Mary Flood had Jake put to sleep Wednesday after a last stroll through the fields and a dip in the creek near their home in Oakley, Utah. He was in too much pain at the end, shaking with a 105-degree fever as he lay on the lawn.

No one can say whether the dog would have gotten sick if he hadn't been exposed to the smoky air at ground zero, but cancer in dogs Jake's age — he was 12 — is quite common.

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9/11 Ripple Effect.

Ok, I gotta' admit, for the most part, I like it. What say you?

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Truth: Stranger Than Fiction?


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Oh The Irony!

(I found this at 911b & couldn't resist posting here. The irony of Oda's hypocrisy hit me like a two by four.)

Utah state representative Curtis Oda replies to Some Of The Above News

Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 16:00:04 -0600
From: "Curtis Oda"
Subject: Re: ACTION ALERT: to guarantee CLEAN ELECTIONS in 2008

I normally wouldn't be wasting my time responding to idiotic messages.
However. . . . .

You are a bunch of freekin' hate mongers who do nothing but distribute fear amongst the American people. This is called propagandizing through
the emotion of fear. Hitler did the same thing!
This is nothing but a massive push of conspiracy theories.

You, Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan are filthy, anti-freedom Communists. You certainly are not Americans!

Sincerely [Representative Curtis Oda]

-----Original Message-----
BCC: Curtis Oda
Creation Date: 7/10 12:43 pm

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