What Really Happened at the Pentagon?

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The pentagon for me has

The pentagon for me has always been a huge smoking gun. Not just because of the massive physical evidence left behind (er complete lack of massive physical evidence, to be more accurate) at least as far as the pictures and video and eyewitness evidence that are in the public domain, that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt for me and most honest people in the 9/11 movement that a deception occured at the Pentagon on 9/11, but also because of the entire gargantuan damage control operation that continues to this day around "what really happened at the Pentagon". In fact, I would even say that I use the pentagon issue to see how honest other 9/11 "truthers" are. If somebody has a good reason for believing the government's horse shi...I mean version of the truth, than I would love to hear it. It's just that once you educate yourself about some basic false argumentation tactics used by the likes of Jim Hoffman, you eventually realize that all these people who claim to believe the official version of Flt 77 or a passenger jet having crashed any where near the Pentagon, let alone in that tiny hole...without any recognizeable plane reckage...etc... and spend countless hours trying to persuade other people within the "movement" to not believe their own eyes...while shouting insults and all sorts of ridiculous epithets and cockamany psychological or "disinformation" analysis at those of us who aren't falling for their bs...

are all full of GRADE A USDA BULLSHIT.

On occasion, when I've engaged some of the usual suspects (Jon Gold, "truthmove", and certain others of that ilk) in argument over the Pentagon issue, it almost always came down to an argument of "it looks bad for the movement to disbelieve that a jumbo jet crashed at the Pentagon". And, of course, it is always about how the usual suspects claim some sort of mysterious authority to know best "what is good for the movement". Notice what is absent from that argument? Um, like...well...uh...how about this concept: WANTING THE TRUTH! Funny, isn't it, how that little thingie always seems to get subordinated under other agendas with these usual suspects...

Hello everybody on this island of the RTM. It's been a while, I know. No, I didn't fall off the edge of the earth. I've been enmeshed in projects on the land and starting a sustainable community. Good to see you all continuing this journey and maintaining such an awesome source of information. Because of you all, this has become a valuable intellectual community that inspires as well as brings justice that much closer to reality. I miss Lazlo.

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sustainable community

hey there, Keenan! me too, been busy. I still visit the site and value all the posts tremendously. miss Lazlo. apparently his wife passed away during the meltdown....

btw, there's a newish internet conspiracy/truthing/antiwar show: on Dprogram called "Subterranean Homesick News".  Check Bob and Elizabeth out.

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I miss Lazlo too

I miss Lazlo too

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Pentagon: just bombs

"Given the number of eyewitnesses who saw a plane flying towards the pentagon before the explosion there, combined with the lack of the expected damage and debris that would have resulted from the crash of a jumbo passenger jet, the most likely scenario is that a plane flew *over* the building nearly simultaneously with a bomb or bombs being detonated inside the building."

That's exactly my understanding of it. Too many eye-witnesses saw a plane approaching the Pentagon, that flew over it.

Pentagon is just inside bombs, no drone, no missile, no nothing. These pictures say it all:



That was the reason all the video material had to be confiscated because it would have shown that nothing had approached the Pentagon.

This is a very unknown video:

This video was made with a hotel camera and was confiscated by the FBI just like all the other video's. After a lawsuit however this particular video had to be released (the judge being a closet 9/11-truther?). Content: there is an explosion but no plane.

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Hey, that video is a smoking

Hey, that video is a smoking gun. Thanks for posting this video.