The LIHOP Deception - Did Bush and Co. "Let It Happen On Purpose?"

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The Protocols of the Elders of LIHOP

VIII Over time you will use the credibility you thereby preserve to move everyone back to the accepted line, i.e. LIHOP. You will be assisted in this by folks like Kucinich who will seem to be a great hope, or by shills like Steve Alten who you will also promote as a great hope.

IX As the movement grows, you continue to pull back from damaging revelations in favor of LIHOP and other limited hangouts by relying on your network of "established (fake) truthers" to give the impression to newbies that those complaining about the retreat from real issues like explosive demolition and Israeli/Zionist involvement are zealots, bigots, etc.

X Whenever possible, try to rehabilitate and recycle discredited fake truthers like Jim Fetzer.

Please feel free to add more protocols in comments!