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If you're checking us out for the first time as a result of Reprehensor's mass banning of users here, welcome! Please read out mission statement (above) as well as blogs and comments. You'll find that we value critical thought and honesty much more than groupthink and knee-jerk deference to any figure in the Truth Movement. We're irreverent about a lot of things, and utterly serious about one: that 9/11 is a vast amalgam of lies and distortions intended to facilitate a second Holocaust -- with Arabs and Muslims as its primary target. We have no patience with any approach to 9/11 Truth which does not make stopping the war on the Arab/Persian/Muslim world its first priority and its foundation.

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whoa they banned my ip!

Now I can't even read their site, let alone post there any more. I wonder if i broke the rules? or is being a member on this site a violation in and of itself?


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Yep -- it's good ol' fashioned collective punishment

Gotta love it.

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Was something said over there?

To let anyone know people were banned and why? 

Is there a link posted over there to over here? 

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No Tahooey

Business as usual. I haven't not had a comment 'ok'ed' by the self appointed 911 Activist Thought Police (Reprehensor) for months. Then all of a sudden I go to check some news today and my username is banned. Lovely.

Just like when I was selected, like others, to be policed by thought moderators like Reprehensor, I was given no reason...no communication...nothing...ever.

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The David Cole Documentary

Reprehensor makes a reference to a video we have posted here on more than one occasion. It is an excellent documentary about Auschwitz by Jewish historian David Cole. You may agree or disagree with the conclusions Cole draws from his visit to the concentration camp and the interviews he conducted there; there is no consensus among users here.

What Reprehensor did not mention is that Cole's recantation followed death threats from the JDL, such as the following

Just as we must get rid of this monster, Cole, we must also get rid of the word "revisionism" from our vocabulary. This awful word and Cole, too, must be eliminated altogether. There is no argument. There needs to be no more debates, only the elimination of the Holocaust deniers...

The opinions of the users here with regard to the official Holocaust narrative vary, but our points of unity are that truth does not need to hide behind strictures and prohibitions AND that any re-interpretation of the events of World War Two that seeks to downplay or deny the tremendous collective suffering of millions or the particular suffering of a single individual, at the hands of the Nazis or the Allied Forces, is unconscionable.

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Reprehensor neglected to mention...

Reprehensor also 'links' to an image...which is a post of mine here at WTCDemo that says that we should take the cole video down because it detracts...along with another recently banned user...scrubby...chiming in for support. Funny that Reprehensor would leave this image as a link instead of showing it in his blog along with his others. Just proof that he's selectively labeling an entire group of people based on cherry picked intelligence. I guess it doesn't fit his contrived notion that everyone hates Jews here. Here is the image he left out....

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not to mention when we had to ban

that white supremacist. when oh when will 911blogger ban any of their anti-arab and anti-muslim racists? don't hold your breath--they believe that the Protocols of Al Qaeda are true!

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yeah somehow the image doesn't quite fit...

David Cole, slender young Jewish kid, aka NOTORIOUS HOLOCAUST DENIER. you know why he recanted? because he realized no one was gonna have the balls to stick up for him against the onslaught by these Zionist thugs. if that is what it means to support Jews--to abandon them to their "ethnic thought police" then I guess I'm doomed after all.

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And To All Noobs To WTC

You may often get a "Hiccup" that will require you to reload this page in order to continue. In other words, an error.

Any status on fixing this? It's been going on for a long long time. Just now I had to reload the page 5 times. It appears that the error is thrown after I log in.

Anyway, just a heads up.

gretavo's picture

i've tinkered a bit

and it seems slightly better since i did, but keep me posted. unfortunately i just dont have the time or expertise...

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I would say WOW but I'm not surprised

I am now officially banned from 911Blogger.com. Not that it matters, my comments haven't been 'ok'ed' by the 911Truth Thought & Communication Moderators in months.

What is interesting/disturbing/insulting/cowardly is that a group of seemingly un-related 911Truth Activists have been singled out and, without warning or explanation, silenced from more then one mainstream 911Truth website at the request of a few self appointed thought police / moderators.

This is not something that should be taken lightly. I can understand if rules were broken but they weren't. Reprehensor...lets allow a community to discuss this in the open not you and your shadow friends behind closed doors.

These self appointed 911 Truth thought police choose to conduct there thought & communication suppression behind closed doors.

As if it never happened.

Reprehesor...what gives you the right to moderate free and open discussion within the 9/11 Truth movement? Who do you think you are?

I've never received any sort of warning or communication from any of you 911 Truth thought moderators and yet I'm now banned from participating in multiple website discussion boards for a reason I am left to ponder. Why? What did I do? What did my colleagues do?

According to the 911 Blogger Though Police, this all never happened. People haven't seen me communicating there in months. Now, I'm not allowed to log in. The silencing has been complete.

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I was just thinking that...

probably that mass banning was because of Family Guy's whining about being constantly voted down?
Something had to be done to make the votes more favorable...

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My ip is banned too.
What a massive fraud those people are.
Thanks for this blog casseia. Well said, as usual.
Rest assured, if this site really was 'racist' , i certainly would not be here.
Its been a while now that i stopped putting people into labelled boxes based on some belief they hold which most people hardly know what it is all about. I think 9/11 is a good first lesson in that direction, and i can only recommend newbies to learn from that part too.
One thing i can tell for sure is that noone gets pressured and groupthinked into any belief here.
Horaii for the freethinking blogosphere!

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Yep, Found out I was banned late last night.

Now I know why, and it's pretty pathetic (not to mention transparent) what's happening at 911Shiller's.

P45's picture

I'm gone too

Damn, it must have been my use of the up/down voting facility...

Hey Rep, I see you edited your original post. The bit at the end where you dedicate a video of Capt Kirk repeatedly stamping on someones face to the users you just blocked.


gretavo's picture

well, that alien looks muslim

brown and scary, so it's no surprise reprehensor keeps it around to give himself thrills. they just don't seem to get that their desire to continue framing arabs and muslims for 9/11 under the guise of "9/11 truth" is not going to make them very popular as the truth comes out. pretending that it is a legitimate position to take--that of arabs and muslims being guilty until proven innocent but Larry Silverstein being innocent until proven guilty is the worst, most vile hypocrisy I can imagine from anyone, let alone someone claiming to support the truth, the victims, or anything else besides racial hatred and blood libels. they should be ashamed of themselves.

Tahooey's picture

What a pack of hypocrites

Let's see, perhaps they were looking for more positive contributions, such as writing that advocates of CD are members of a cult that is "hurting the movement"? Or positive contributions like colonel sanders chim-chiming in to gossip about whomever and throw a few LOLs around?

So much for open and honest discourse. Why do they even bother to link to AE911truth? They might as well take that link right off their site. And state their new policy - more than 3 down votes against JG, DHS or Reprehensor and you are no longer part of the movement (bowel, that is)


Great minds think for themselves. The rest of you clods in apt 911b will think whatever DHS, Jon Gold, and Reprehensible tell you to think. OBEY, or be banned without warning.

Scrubby's picture

"positive contributions"

another thing that comes to mind here is that "Shell Game" fraud that was celebrated on 911b a couple months ago, of course all with the approvement and participation of the usual Thought Masters, Reprehensor, Jon Gold, etc.
That was probably the most obvious and ridiculous fraud ive personally witnessed in this 911 "truther" world. It was stunning

gretavo's picture

yeah i feel sorry for anyone suckered into buying even one copy

of The Shill Game. gee, what ever came of that? where is all the press coverage? the bestseller lists? what happened? i guess we didn't believe hard enough? what a bunch of hucksters.

Scrubby's picture

what came of the shill game

yea it "failed" (remember that event ...), cause too many "haters" did not buy enough books to get it into the topseller list.
the last posts i remember on the subject went something along that line.

Jpass's picture

It was a controlled demolition

The Shill Game was a controlled demolition.

Scrubby's picture


spinning everything into something CD related!! ;)

Big_D's picture


stealing family guy'sâ„¢ lines! :)

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How Orwellian.

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever." - George Orwell

Hmm, I missed that. I can see why he would remove it though. A little too telling of the true nature of 911shiller.

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i've added anti-semites...

to the warning on the 911Blogger newsfeed. It's about time the term was applied properly, I thought.  I'm thinking my new sig should be this:


911Blogger is an anti-semitic hate site.

gretavo's picture

where does wtcd fit in the false dichotomy of the fake truth...


I've been digging around and it looks like the fake truth movement has two poles--the first is the no-planers, the blatant disinfo crowd that swears no planes hit the WTC, who promote video-fakery, directed energy weapons (DEW), Jim Fetzer, Nico Haupt, the Webfairy, Webster Tarpley, etc. I was surprised to learn that http://pumpitout.com/, which was responsible for that phone call to dutch demolitions expert Danny Jowenko (where Jowenko confirmed his opinion that WTC7 was a demolition) is also part of that crowd.

The "opposite" side is comprised of 911blogger, Loose Change, Col. Jenny Sparks and her many personae, Jon Gold and his LIHOP and families act, truthaction, and truthmove--just to name a few. These people try to gain credibility by setting themselves apart from the insanity of the no-planers. Their ultimate goal seems to be to lure sincere and non-crazy people into a LIHOP friendly camp that preserves the Islamofascist myth.

The idea behind this charade is that just like with the two bogus corporate political parties, you have two bad choices for your 9/11 truth allegiance. One group that will doom 9/11 truth to ridicule by sane people and the other which will bait and switch you into a group that supports the idea that we really were attacked by evil muslims, that Bush let it happen, and that the towers were not necessarily demolished with explosives.

gretavo's picture

in other words...

we don't fit into either camp and in fact are persona (website-a?) non grata among both fake "sides". The main reason seems to be that I as the person who operates the site absolutely insist on two things:

a) maintaining a focus on likely Zionist/Israeli complicity in the 9/11 attacks


b) refusing to censor myself or anyone else on the subject of responsible, non-racist holocaust skepticism

I am very much aware that many people don't agree that it is good policy for a 9/11 truth site to discuss the holocaust, especially when it also focuses among other things on Israeli involvement in 9/11, but for reasons I have gone into in more depth elsewhere I think the subject is very relevant in the sense that whatever the details, the holocaust narrative has served a function in history that I believe the 9/11 narrative has been modelled on. The idea that "you have been attacked and must therefore accept a militaristic attitude as necessity" is inherent in the use of both narratives to manipulate people.

I don't insist that anyone agree with my views on the subject, but neither can I let people believe or insinuate that I am motivated by anything other than a desire for truth and reconciliation, which is unfortunately the response that some people had at 911blogger which led to my banning. Despite my strong disavowal of racism and of Nazi ideology, some users like Jon Gold routinely accused me of spreading hate--he went so far one time as to call me a "Nazi piece of shit". In fact I had a policy at the time of not bringing up the issue and only did so in response to people who brought it up (to support the official history and decry what they maliciously and inaccurately call "deniers") and I did so in the interest of fairness and balance. If associating the holocaust and 9/11 as issues was to be discouraged, a policy I have no problem with, then it should not be allowed one way or another. Instead people who wanted to use a 9/11 forum to promote the official story about the holocaust would routinely decry "those truthers who give 9/11 activism a bad name by denying the holocaust" when no one would otherwise be giving those "bad truthers" any attention.

Just thought some of that needed to be aired at this particular juncture.

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911Blogger is now officially the Premiere Web Site...

of the Controlled Fake Truth Movement

The actions of the controllers of this fake forum of the last few days have finally confirmed the worst fears of people who were still in doubt about whether or not the professional Shills have taken over apartment 911b. They've now made our job easier in identifying Shills. There's really no question anymore about the true motives and agenda of the Censors there.

I just found out I was banned yesterday from 911CensoredBlog. I hadn't even bothered to try getting any comments approved on that transparently-controlled site for at least 4 months now. I guess they needed to take a preemptive strike to purge all the remaining potential dissenters who might possibly vote down the masters like John Gold, RepreCensor, etc. Fucking pathetic! What a bunch of cowards and sleezebags? Actually, much worse, because they are guilty of aiding and abetting war criminals in their ongoing fraudulent 911 forum used to support the ongoing fraudulent War on Terror (Read: Halocaust Against the Arab/Muslim/Persian World).

Casseia, your statement above is eloquent and beautifully written, as usual.

Hello to Gretavo, Big-D, Scrubby, Jpass, Lazlo, Tahooey, and all my favorite bloggers here and rock on, great comments all!

I think we need to update Jon Gold's fake truthing script to include the names of RepreCensor and the other shills who are now adopting Gold's script in it's entirety:

from http://www.wtcdemolition.com/blog/node/196

Jon Gold's and [insert list of all his "shared brain" fellow shills] 9/11 (Un)Truthing Script

1) Attempt to divert people away from the evidence that most strongly supports MIHOP, ESPECIALLY any evidence that implicates Mossad/Zionist involvement, while exagerating about and going ON AND ON AND ON AND ON about the Al Queda/Patsystan/LIHOP non"evidence".

1A) WTC Controlled Demolition and Pentagon No Boeing evidence and any evidence that disproves that muslim hijackers were onboard the planes must be rejected or downplayed at all times. Shut down those who attempt to bring up this evidence. Those who discuss this evidence are to be accused of being agents, and/or of being divisive. If any of this type of MIHOP evidence becomes too universally accepted within the movement, such as what has happened with the WTC CD in the last few years, forget that he used to reject it, accuse anyone of being a liar who points out that Jon used to reject it, but still attempt to downplay it and pretend that he just doesn't understand the evidence and it is "speculative" (unlike the hijacker narrative that he is 100% sure of).

1B) "Contribute to the movement" (and make a name for yourself) by doing such things as writing letters to and dialoguing with the family members asking questions only about Patsystan in order to keep them focased only on Patsystan. If anybody disagrees with this naked attempt to contain the inquiry and keep influencial and well respected people, such as the family members, from looking beyond arabs/muslims, accuse such dissenters of disrespecting/not supporting family members, and/or being divisive, and or asking them "what have you contributed to the movement?"

1C) Don't allow any discussion of evidence that points to Israel/Zionists being behind 9/11. Accuse anybody who tries to discuss this evidence of being anti-semites, and/or of being divisive

2) How to deal with criticism of this script and arguments used against people who continue challenging Jon's tactics:

2A) Accuse dissenters of being agents
2B) Accuse those who disagree with and criticize Jon's tactics of lying
2C) Play the sympathy card - paint the disagreements and criticisms in terms of people unfairly attacking/victimizing Jon or orchestrating a vendetta
2D) Accuse people of keeping Jon from FINDING THE TRUTH, and keep repeating that he is "only attempting to FIND THE TRUTH"
2E) Accuse them of lying again
2F) Question the dissenter's motivations
2G) Claim that the dissenter only posts comments that attack good hard-working truthers such as Jon whether true or not (mostly not)
2H) Claim that the dissenter does not contribute anything to the truth movement whether true or not (mostly not)
2I) Name drop - Jon knows everybody who's anybody in the 9/11 truth movement [commence rolling eyes]
2J) Accuse them of lying again
2K) Attack the blatent disinfo types, such as the WTC No-Planers/Hologram types in order to show that Jon Himself couldn't possibly be disinfo agent
2L) Claim that Jon has contributed more blog posts than anybody else in the movement, and therefore is worth more than any other truther to the movement (pretending that only quantity, not quality, counts - i.e. disregarding the negative value that should be ascribed to contributions that serve to misdirect/distract people away from the true perpetrators of 9/11...how many posts about the alleged 100,000 wire transfer from Patsystan to Mohammed Atta reported in the Times of India do we really need?)
2M) Accuse the dissenters of dividing the movement (of course, Jon's divisive behavior must not ever be considered divisive)
2N) Accuse the dissenters of disrespecting/not supporting family members
2O) Claim that the dissenter needs to grow up
[quote="Jon Gold"]Grow up casseia. Either grow up, or find a new outlet that appreciates your kind of "work."[/quote]
2P) Demand that the dissenter "STOP LYING ABOUT ME"
2Q) If all else fails, support censorship, and when possible ban people who hurt Jon's feelings (or who refuse to go along with the script)

Just goes to show you that the more things change, the more those shilly shills stay the same!

To WTCDemolition.com newbies:

Think about this: What are the odds that all of the approximately 10-15 CD deniars among the millions of "seasoned 9/11 truthers" in the movement (that is, take 15 and divide by a conservative figure of 20 million) all hang out and censor the same 3 or 4 blog sites? Did you ever wonder why you never met a real live CD deniar in the real world, but you only ever hear of them on the internet? Do some math and you got your answer.

gretavo's picture

hey keenan, nice to see ya

thanks for dropping in during the crisis! :)

As usual I enjoy your take. It also made me reflect on just how much everything at 911Blogger seems to revolve around the cult of Jon Gold (such as it is). Maybe we should call it the cult of User 7, seeing as how Yon--er, Jon has for so long been the heart and soul of 911Blogger (in addition to running the amazing "Your BB Sucks" site which I notice no longer has an ad at 911Blogger (I guess they had to make room for the McCain in 2008 ads!)

I wonder why they don't blog more over there about how much David Ray Griffin is hurting the movement by insisting that not only did AA77 not hit the Pentagon but that the Arab hijackers were all fictional? Or how Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Steven Jones should stop pretending that they have any idea what happened to the twin towers and building 7? I mean, if Jon Gold doesn't understan--er, does not find their evidence compelling, then who are they to go around the country lecturing and appearing on TV claiming to represent 9/11 truth?

Why do you think that Jon Gold doesn't ever write a blog about how and why DRG and A&E need to get with the (Jon Gold) program? Why doesn't Jon write a book about the Patsystani pork chop transfer and its significance to what happened on 9/11? Or get Steve Alten to write it for him? Heck, if Steve is busy spending his 9/11 Truth Sucker Windfall I'm sure Sander Hicks could swing it. Maybe 911Blogger should change its slogan to Fair and Balanced By Periodic Purges of Those Who Disagree With Jon Gold?

Keenan's picture

"Why doesn't Jon write a book about the Patsystani pork chop

transfer?" Actually he tried and tried and tried, but all he got back in response from the publishers was along the lines of:

"Mr. Jon Gold, thank you very much for your submission, but we regret to inform you that your 3 page manuscript does not meet our minimum requirement for book-length submissions..."


"We're very sorry, but we cannot accept your manuscript because it doesn't meet our requirements for publication.
Research-oriented books must use multiple sources for any claims stated as fact. You have only cited a single source for the claim of the Pakistani money transfer from a popular media publication "Times of India". This does not meet the requirements for non-fiction/research based works. Please review our FAQ on Research oriented writing submissions. We recommend you enrol at your local community college and complete a research writing course..."

Perhaps with some help by the sponsors of 911Blogger - the Elect John McCain Campaign or Scientology - Jonny Gold can find some influencial people to coerce...er...influence a publication to publish his childish...er...children's fantasy stories. A high caliber science-based publication like Popular Mechanics might be the right one. They seem to have a rigid policy of only accepting the most solid scientific and logic-based articles ;)

Oh it's a strange and wonderful site to watch the controllers of 911Blogger flailing desperately trying to hold together the pretense of respectibility while the credibility of their formerly (prior to the 2007 coup) high quality 9/11 news/blog site continues to spiral downward into the dustbin of irrelevance and absurdity.

whitey's picture

Hey gretavo, this is a heads

Hey gretavo, this is a heads up again about backing up this site, maybe on a daily basis to remote sources. The bullshit going on over at 911B IS part of internet warfare. I vaguely remember when one of the main controller's of the site "left" and reprehensor and the other spooks came out of the woodwork(BTW folks, just start calling Gold and Reprehensor and the others by the word which represents them: SPOOKS.). This site is obviously at risk of Denial Of Service style attacks. Over on wakeupfromyourslumber one columnist pointed out a couple of sites which claimed to be under such attacks which were supposedly sourced back to Israel.

There is a wealth of information on this site. Would it bother you if users were to mirror the site?

dicktater's picture

Surprised 911B even allowed this one.

I think that it's pretty amazing that stallion4's post, linked below, was published.

stallion4 posted a big set of videos regarding David Cole. According to satllion4,

"According to his friend Bradley Smith, Cole has since reaffirmed his stance that the official holocaust story is a lie, and is currently working on another project to expose it."

Rep, you're wrong about Mr. Cole by stallion4:

I do find it interesting that, so far, only two individuals rejoiced Rep's action. I hope that indicates that the overwhelming majority disapprove and find his mass deletion of accounts, er uh, reprehensible.

Scrubby's picture


not yet moderated i guess.
will be interesting to see whats coming next there...

Tahooey's picture

I'll bet

I'll betcha Stallion4 is now a member of the increasingly esteemed club of those no longer allowed to post at the apt; no warning, explanation, nor public notification that he had been banned or why, just not welcome to contribute any longer.  The casual 911b news consumer needn't bother to wonder why we haven't heard from him since who knows when, nor even know he ever existed.

casseia's picture

Rep did tell him

that he is now in the moderation queue -- in that thread.

Tahooey's picture

oh my bad, although

moderation queue, banned, what's the difference, you are no longer allowed to counter the BS...

whitey's picture

They didn't ban me yet :P. I

They didn't ban me yet :P. I just don't waste my time on that site any more. I've ID'd the spooks and the cost/benefit ratio of going there changed as I got up to speed on things over 2 years. If I want relatively objective information I visit specific sites(ie: here) and sometimes stumble onto other reputable sites via the former.

I mean it would be nice to get on there and counter their BS but at this point it's a waste of my energy and I'm still trying to get to the heart of the matter on the Zionist/ Freemason relationship. There is a guy who runs an audio program called the latin america view which I have found interesting and informative so far. The best part has been his reading aloud of Leo Strauss's writings(I can try to score pdf's of his work if people are interested but ONLY if people will share them on bittorrent to help disseminate the info for the rest of the globe...). Some of Latin's material I completely disagree with(his philosophical approach to souls which demands that souls be able to be measured, "detected", which presupposes that the scientific instruments that we currently have are actually CAPABLE of this.).

Zionists are not the only ones at fault here. Freemasons play into this big picture some how but I'm inclined to believe that they play a subservient role(it has been claimed by some including Jim Guy Carr, in "Pawns in the Game" that there was Jewish infiltration of the Masonic societies).

I recommend that people take this purging experience to consolidate into memory the behavior of the SPOOKS over at 911b in order to better and more quickly identify spooks in the future in order to out their disspicable arses.

/end late night rant =)

PS:speak up if you will help share Strauss's pdf's via torrents!

juandelacruz's picture

I am having a ball watching

I am having a ball watching their ship of lies sinking.

Scrubby's picture


Nono, you are not having a ball, you are having a 'Psychological projection'. Haha. What an expert !

gretavo's picture

i hope to G-d it's true!

That David has found the courage to resist the intimidation of the JDL goons. For those who don't know, Bradley Smith is the founder of codoh.org (committe for open discussion on the holocaust) he appeared on Donahue with Cole on the episode where Michael Shermer, 9/11 Denier, was charged with defending--you guessed it--the official story of the holocaust.

Big_D's picture

Shill boy Reprehensor overreached.

They've irreparably exposed themselves as enemies of the truth (He/She fucked up).

Gotta give stallion4 props, don't know how he's survived this long, and doubt reprecensor will allow his bullshit to be thrown back in his face.

gretavo's picture

911Blogger: Paid for by Scientology! Get the facts!

Scrubby's picture


haha those ads are amazing, its getting worse than on alex jones' sites on 911b nowadays

gretavo's picture

seriously--McCain, Scientology--what's next?

But of course the presence of these ads don't hurt the movement, or make us look bad, nope. I mean it's not like they're taking money from David Cole after all! But really Scrubby--what have YOU done for the movement lately? :)

whitey's picture

Gret, I don't know if you or

Gret, I don't know if you or any one here has read yet but over at wakeupfromyourslumber some one has posted information about McCain's wife making money on PUT options the day of 9/11. Pretty interesting and not surprising if true.

Jpass's picture

Tom Flocco?

Hi Whitey,
The story is sourced to www.tomflocco.com. I placed the website in a special folder I have for shit sites. 911Blogger.com is also in this bin so you can imagine that my expectations from information coming from TomFlocco.com are not very high.

I don't remember exactly why I placed his site there but it seems Flocco has a nack for making up sensational stories with 'unamed intel. sources'.

Maybe it was this one:
"9-11 crash victim Barbara Olson arrested in Europe
Tom Flocco.com – September 22, 2005"

They also posted a story back a year or more ago about Bush & Cheney being indicted that never panned out.

Anyone can comment on the www.tomflocco.com?


whitey's picture

The post does cite tomflocco

The post does cite tomflocco which I don't know any thing about at the moment. However, further down in that users post they include the following which comes from the Flocco site,

"Heneghan alleges Cindy McCain’s complete 2001 tax return would also reveal that she has a secret offshore 1241 corporation set up with “private trust accounts established by Senator McCain’s late ‘Keating Five’ scandal and Bush 41 money launderer Leonard Millman who was also Stewart Webb’s father-in-law—all of which screams for a federal probe before the November 4 election.

Heneghan also alleged that Mrs. McCain has made millions from a joint business enterprise with both Hillary and Bill Clinton and Fox News billionaire Ruppert Murdoch which involves a pornographic website with its 1241 corporate headquarters in the Cayman Islands."

I don't know anything about Heneghan but it is a person getting named who can be further investigated to possibly learn if any of their other public statements are true or false. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if McCain's wife is engaged in war profiteering given when other politicians spouses are doing. I agree that the charges in this article need further investigation however.

PatrickSMcNally@aol.com's picture

Thomas Heneghan has been

Thomas Heneghan has been referred to by Flocco on several occasions. The story about the Bush-Cheney indictment that was going on in 2005 is credited by Flocco to Heneghan:


In another story Flocco claims that Heneghan gave him a story about Israelis attempting to blow up a New York subway and then being stopped by the CIA and French Intelligence:


Not knowing anything about this New York attack attempt, I noticed that Flocco in the above attributes a quote to Richard Bloomberg, who he identifies as the New York mayor in 2005. I've usually known him as Michael R. Bloomberg, but perhaps he also goes by the name "Richard" as a middle-name? Anyway, the quote which Flocco repeats in a way that seems to attribute it to Bloomberg is:

"facing a significant, specific threat"

Supposedly, according to Flocco, this phrase was used in talking about the attempted subway attack. So I went to Alta Vista and used the advanced option to run a search for that specific phrase: "facing a significant, specific threat"

It seemed like everything which came in response to the search was just citing Flocco, but that no conventional media source ever used that combination of words. Does anyone know if such an event involving an attempted subway attack in New York around October 2005 actually occurred? Is the whole incident an invention by Flocco and the perhaps non-existent Heneghan? It seems to be. Can anyone find a conventional media report which quotes Bloomberg as using the phrase which Flocco quotes?

gretavo's picture

i'm with JPass


The idea of going after a candidate's wife is pretty dumb, unless you have utterly rock-solid info, which this doesn't look like. It plays right into the hands of the McCain camp who can point to it and say "See how awful these people are?" What he should be having to say is "Why did I write the foreword to the popular Mechanics book that contains so much wrong information? Ummm, did I? I don't remember... Joe? Ah yes thanks, Senator. Um, yes I did write that foreword based on the best knowledge available at the time--NOBODY could have imagined that Popular Mechanics would be out to deceive Americans. Nobody."

whitey's picture

True the focus should be

True the focus should be strictly on the candidate but the spouse is important as can be seen in the situation with Feingold among other politicians.

Out of curiousity, does the Flocco site expouse a particular view on 9/11?

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Rerecensor...ahahha...that's great.

(He/She fucked up)
Reprecensor, self appointed chief of the 911 Truth thought police, is a guy. Not hard to find his name on the internets.

Well, allegedly. It is the internets...the guy could be Jon 'fools' Gold for all we know.

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Holy crap... thanks to Stallion4!

For merely laying out some basic facts -- David Cole identifies as a Jew, the OHN (official Holocaust narrative) also needed the services of Michael "Skeptic" Shermer, etc.

Petros mentions red-baiting in a recent blog of his -- I think "Holocaust skeptic" baiting is far and away a more popular pastime in the world of Fake Truth. How anyone with eyes opened by 9/11 could fail to find something VERY fishy about an absolute prohibition on examining facts surrounding a historical event escapes me.

And to clarify for people who haven't read my opinion before, I have no doubt that the Roma people, communists, trade unionists, gays, the mentally ill, the mentally retarded, Poles, Jewish people and others suffered horribly and died in camps during WWII. I don't care a whole lot personally whether or they were actually gassed and/or whether the Nazis ever stated in writing that their goal was to exterminate these people -- I find testimony that they died from typhus, starvation, exhaustion, and being shot more than adequate to get an idea of their suffering. Thus, my only interest in Holocaust revisionism is centered on the fact that it has become taboo while at the same time the official narrative has become profoundly intertwined with the existence of an apartheid state.

The truth does not need to be protected.

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Rep, you're wrong about Mr. Cole

According to his friend Bradley Smith, Cole has since reaffirmed his stance that the official holocaust story is a lie, and is currently working on another project to expose it.

And I don't understand your comparison about wtcdemolition.com promoting racism by linking to David Cole's holocaust video "The Truth Behind The Gates Of Auschwitz", since Mr. Cole was born a Jew. Here's a link to his documentary where he explains this early in the film...

(google it)

And here's Cole (& Bradley Smith) on Phil Donahue where he further explains his views about the "holocaust" (he's confronted by Michael Shermer in part 2, the same Michael Shermer who's gained fame as a 9/11 debunker by the way, hmmm)

(google it)

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!... The trouble with the NIST Report is that it isn’t even science because it's not capable of being verified or negated!" -Dr. Frank Greening
Submitted by stallion4 on Fri, 07/18/2008 - 8:12pm.
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Rep why did you edit (censor?) my post?

If you deleted the embedded video links because they were taking up too much space I understand. But if you deleted them to make it more difficult for others to access them, then you are only showing that what the people over at wtcdemolition.com are saying about you and 911blogger is true. I hope that isn't the case and you only tweaked my post to save space in this string of comments for your blog entry.

So here's the links again, not embedded this time, for those who are interested in accessing the David Cole videos, without having to search for them on Google:

The Truth Behind The Gates Of Auschwitz


David Cole, Bradley Smith, and 9/11 truth denier Michael Shermer on Phil Donahue (1994)

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!... The trouble with the NIST Report is that it isn’t even science because it's not capable of being verified or negated!" -Dr. Frank Greening
Submitted by stallion4 on Fri, 07/18/2008 - 11:38pm.
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(Edit: I was writing this post as you wrote yours.)

Respectfully, I must ask you to not link to Cole's videos here. I edited your post to break those links. This site will not be used to even tacitly promote his work.

The fact that Cole is Jewish has not made any difference in how his work and story is marketed as "Holocaust Revisionism", by his detractors as well as his supporters. (A quick google of "david cole holocaust revisionist" is proof of that.)
Holocaust Revisionism is used as a plank by white supremacist communities such as "stormfront", National Vanguard (aka National Alliance) and is a favorite topic for David Duke.

My point is; that any site accusing this site of racism, when the accuser has linked to content that is regarded as Holocaust Revisionism, is the epitome of irony.

If you want to continue this discussion, contact me via email.
Submitted by Reprehensor on Fri, 07/18/2008 - 11:50pm.
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Rep you're out of line with your "racism" comparison

Holocaust Revisionism has nothing to with "racism".

David Cole's studies are largely disputed by the same type of creeps who go around "debunking" 9/11 truth.

And If you didn't want to "even tacitly promote his work" on this site, you shouldn't have brought it up in the first place. But since you did and didn't get your facts straight about Mr. Cole (and also omitted the primary reason why he reversed his stance that the Holocaust was a lie, which was due to intimidation from ADL thugs) I decided to question your reasoning and supply others with information about Cole to help them decide for themselves.

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!... The trouble with the NIST Report is that it isn’t even science because it's not capable of being verified or negated!" -Dr. Frank Greening
Submitted by stallion4 on Sat, 07/19/2008 - 12:12am.

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You know, 9/11 Truth

or skepticism of the OCT is used by some pretty despicable white supremacist bigoted types also. That "logic" is not going to get us very far.

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but of course it is ok

to tacitly promote John McCain in 2008 and Scientology: Get the Facts because after all, they're being paid $$ to tacitly promote THOSE wonderful things.

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Headed for the 911b memory hole


[....] Thanks AJ for the Kevin Barrett interview. He articulates the Truth with such confidence and depth. He is a real asset to the movement.
Submitted by ROBinDALLAS on Sat, 08/23/2008 - 1:53pm.
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Kevin Barrett interview removed I posted an interview of one of the very few 9/11 truth candidates on Wisconsin Public Radio and it was voted up and then removed by an admin at this site.
Submitted by AJFan on Sat, 08/23/2008 - 8:11pm.
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Why was it removed?
I listened to it before it was, and it (Kevin) was very good.
9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars
Submitted by altruist on Sun, 08/24/2008 - 8:24am.
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Ditto that
It was a very good interview, I know there is some controversy here but for the record I'm still a fan of KB.
Submitted by peacefulwarrior on Sun, 08/24/2008 - 9:06am.


I eagerly await the Emperor of 911b's reply.

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Reprehensor is less like an emperor and more like a high priest

911B is basically telling its readers that Kevin Barrett is not kosher. He will pollute the pure truth movement. He consorts with tax-collectors and prostitutes--er, I mean holocaust deniers and space beam people. Now he's pushing Arabesque's "let a thousand blogs bloom" envagelical mission to boost the perceived influence of 911blogger. At least we are change people actually do more than waste people's time online!

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look at the beating

look at the beating Barrett and those who defend him even a little take in this thread by the usual suspects who know whats best for all of us(Col.Jenny,Arab,YT,Rep etc., surprised Victronix hasnt posted her crap yet):


 user alllans2k7 pretty much gets it right with his first 2 sentences. and i see that Sofia of 9/11 Mysteries notoriety has been put on notice by the disinfo police now too. how completely unsurprising.

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yep, well when all esle fails...

Go back to positioning yourself as the defenders of the truth against "no planes hit the towers". After all, anyone who defends against such obvious disinfo must obviously be all about full disclosure! Mix in some holocaust "denial" guilt by association and you're well on your way to convincing people that AA77 hit the Pentagon and that controlled demolition is only a theory. Hmmmm...