A Call to Real Patriots and Thoughts on the Big Picture

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As those who follow the discussions on this site know, there's been a lot of talk about the nature of the big picture (in a historical sense) into which 9/11 fits. We have struggled to discern whatever truth lies behind the claims of a long-term conspiracy the goal of which is world domination by undemocratic means.

We have, reasonably in my mind, identified sucha conspiracy in the form of the gradual undermining of national sovereignty (whether imposed by royals or by democratic institutions) by the relentless and largely misunderstood forces of economic manipulation.

We have also, I think, linked to thisdistinct method of conquest a number of important social movements that have in effect brought down some formidable power structures, often replacing the not so good with the even worse. To recap briefly, it would seem that in recent history these would include Communism, Nazism, and Zionism.

We have come to understand the primacy of the tactic of "divide and conquer" in the evolution of this conspiracy of the economic elite. Those who believe in no greater ideal than the pursuit of power maintain a religious devotion to the pursuit of wealth. Wealth, when divorced from any real sense of the word and defined as monetary capital conjured by elites, the value of which is manipulated to their ends, is but a means to an end.

This monopoly over economic weapons is at once responsible for and dependent on the control of information and therefore thought. In conjunction, the weapons of money and information control form a devastatingly effective tool to foster the divisions, whether based on class, nationality, religion, or race that facilitate the subjugation of popular will expressed through democratic institutions.

Of all the bitter fruit that 9/11 has produced, perhaps none is more harmful than the advances it facilitated in the division not just of the "civilized" from the "fundamentalist" in the world but specifically among the people of the United States along arbitrary lines of political differences. The division of America by the media into "red and blue" should be understood for what it is--a drawing of battle lines in advance of the ultimate loss of sovereignty.

Lies destroy trust and trust is a precious commodity in any nation that depends on unity for its strength, as any must. What we have witnessed since 9/11 are actions and developments that indicate an effort to divide and therefore conquer America from the outside. In order to avert the fate awaiting a divided America we must be perfectly clear and candid as to the nature of the threat--it is external. Like any external threat that is to succeed in its mission it has no doubt availed itself through blackmail and bribery of the services of treasonous elements within, of that there can be left little doubt. The importance, however, of drawing a clear distinction between those who are serving the cause of destruction and those who are coordinating that cause is paramount.

By focusing solely or primarily on the internal elements undermining our sovereignty we may indeed simply hasten the process of division and therefore our ultimate loss of control of our fate. Only by raising awareness instead of the external nature of this threat, on the other hand, will we be successful in reversing the process of polarization that is meant to weaken America for the kill. It is not too late to reclaim our sovereignty, but we must appeal to all Americans, even if only in the short term, to suspend partisanship in the interest of our common defense from the external subversion that promotes it and thrives on it.

It must be done. It must be done peacefully, relentlessly, and it must be done now.