Should This Blog Become a Gossip Rag?

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The question is tongue in cheek of course since we at wtcdemo strive to adhere to the most stringent journalistic standards always. As the registered users may have noticed recently the number of reads on each post is now available for you to see. See a trend? The ones that have to do with the movement and its motley cast of characters routinely get double digit reads while the posts about, well, 9/11 itself seem to struggle to get out of single digits. Since wtcdemo does not accept advertising (or donations, fear not!) it's not so much a reason to dedicate ourselves to gossiping about people in the movement, but it does seem interesting (i.e. it seems to mean something) that those posts are read by so many more people than the others. Could it be that there are in fact dozens of people trolling the internet not in search of candid discussion of the real issues surrounding 9/11 but who are instead more interested in the politics of the movement? Because maybe they care more about who is *perceived* as credible than what the facts actually show? Or is it that truthers, like everyone else it seems, are more interested in personalities than in facts? Should we create a Paris Hilton persona to lend a little spice to Harley Guy's interactions with the Dancing Israelis? Speaking of, has anyone been able to locate pics of the 2 Dancing Israelis who were not featured on the Israeli talk show? These would be Baby and Ginger, since Posh, Scary and Sporty Israeli have already been revealed...

In any case, let's try a little experiment. Without saying anything about them, let's just type the following in this post:
Jon Gold
John Albanese
Nico Haupt
Peggy Carter
Jim Fetzer
Sander Hicks
Michael Ruppert
Alex Jones
Luke Rudkowski
The Webfairy

Now, there's really nothing special about this random list of truthers, I swear. :)