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Truthaggedon - Coming soon?

With the caveat that this may sound like doomshillery (because in a way it is,) I wonder if people had any thoughts on the idea that someone may be determined to effect major losses to the credibility of thw "9/11 Truth Movement".  Here's a comment I left recently at Willyloman's blog:


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Zionist Damage Control/Containment Playing Out at 911Blogger?

And none other than TrueFaction's own "John Bursill" is involved, and quite the voice of reason I must say. I'd say a good sign that the perps and their apologists have realized that the absence of a plan B doesn't mean they still don't have a job to do! wonder if bruce1337 could tell us anything about the German "Focus Money" magazine...

9/11 TRUTH.

so close

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Where's Jon Stewart Coming From?

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John Walker Lindh... Was it all a psyop theater too?


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Real Truther's Review of David Griffin's Latest: The New Pearl Harbor Revisited

Soon to be posted to the book's page on Amazon (hopefully...)

 (FOUR STARS ****)

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A Remarkable Document


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Zeitgeist the Movie: Attempted Zionist Heist of the Truth Movement?

So a post on Truefaction by subtle disinfo shill "chrisc" got me thinking back to the good ol days at 911Blogger before the Purge of Summer 2007™--apparently I was banned from 911B shortly after posting stuff about the you-know-what-O-caust in the Zeitgeist film thread. 
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Real Truther Says Sayonara to YT and Truthaction

I had really hoped that I was just being paranoid, but it seems pretty clear that the exact same tactics that were used to purge are being used to similarly clean house at

To wit, it involves having users targetted for abusive behavior by other users who are not called on it themselves.  When the target is provoked into something less than a sheepish plea for mercy the targeted user is warned and put on "probation" only to be attacked again and again until they give up on trying to stick around.

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Should This Blog Become a Gossip Rag?

The question is tongue in cheek of course since we at wtcdemo strive to adhere to the most stringent journalistic standards always. As the registered users may have noticed recently the number of reads on each post is now available for you to see. See a trend? The ones that have to do with the movement and its motley cast of characters routinely get double digit reads while the posts about, well, 9/11 itself seem to struggle to get out of single digits. Since wtcdemo does not accept advertising (or donations, fear not!) it's not so much a reason to dedicate ourselves to gossiping about people in the movement, but it does seem interesting (i.e. it seems to mean something) that those posts are read by so many more people than the others. Could it be that there are in fact dozens of people trolling the internet not in search of candid discussion of the real issues surrounding 9/11 but who are instead more interested in the politics of the movement?

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The Unwritten Rules of

911blogger accepts that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by agents of the Bush administration, soon to be history, anyway. It is forbidden to write diaries that:

refer to claims that Israeli or any government except Pakistan's assisted in the attacks
refer to claims that any accepted icons of the 9/11 Truth Movement might have ulterior motives. That includes members #1-15.
suggest there might be other gross falsehoods systematically pervading history, unless explicitly approved of by the accepted icons of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

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Remember this comment? Is it me, or are people who seem surprised about Barry Jennings just not paying attention?

OK, proof AJ reads 911Blogger
Didn't we cover this yesterday in comments to this thread??

Yes we did, and the comments were for a story about limited fires, not eyewitnesses to explosions, which I added. But now it's AJ's story! And no mention of Blogger! Guess it's time to Digg? Whatever, imitation is the sincerest form of something...



Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force

Submitted by Real Truther on Mon, 04/30/2007 - 10:57am.

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911 Blogger's DZ to Refund "Server Fundraiser" Money

I have received an email from a concerned user which contributed to our server upgrade fundraiser several months ago. I apologize for not providing further details regarding the delay in these upgrades sooner.

My initial quote for upgrading our servers to a dedicated server was approximately $150/month, however after trying to switch over to a dedicated server three weeks ago I was quoted instead approximately $225-250/month due to licensing fees which had not been factored in. As such I have decided to hold off on our server upgrades until we figure out a new course of action.

Anyone who contributed to this fundraiser and would like their money refunded please email me back with your email address and the amount of your contribution and I will be happy to refund your donation. Otherwise the funds will be put towards our existing server costs or further server upgrades if and when they occur.

I apologize again for the lack of communication.

Best wishes,


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Loose Change Boys to Interview Barry Jennings?

The description can only be of Jennings, the black middle-aged dude whose interview with a reporter has been widely seen in 9/11 documentaries mentioning the explosions in WTC7 (on the 7th floor, that blew him and Michael Hess, the corporation counsel, back into the 8th floor)

A coup for the boys, no doubt--who/what is SCI that hooked them up? Anyway, I know better than to get too excited about any breathless announcement from any 9/11 truth "celebs" but let's hope this is something worth hearing--maybe Jennings has lost his amnesia surrounding the events of that day...

Tomorrow on LTW Radio we're gonna broadcast clips from an interview we conducted last Tuesday before we headed to Bonnaroo.

Btw, many many thanks to Travis of SCI for hooking us up.

You've seen him before, in a news interview widely disseminated on the web, but you've never heard from him since. Until now.

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What Direction is 911Blogger Taking?

Well let's see,

The post above has a picture of Annie Machon, partner (some say former) of disinfo shill David Shayler. Plugged in this post are the films 9/11 Press for Truth, the Patsystan did it limited hangout movie, and Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime, along the same lines but even worse, failing to mention buidling 7 even once.

In this next post Jon Stewart is promoted as someone who "if woken up to the truth about 9/11" would be a great asset. The link provided is to a story on Alex Jones' site, no less. In comments, a few people including site owner dz talk up Jon Stewart as if he was a wonderful guy who just needs to wrap his head around 9/11. The video clip that is supposed to make us realize how brilliant Stewart is is basically a series of jokes making light of the tragedy in Iraq. I don't have time now to elaborate but suffice it to say that 911B may well be showing its true colors.

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LIHOP WATCH - The Containment Strategy

Searching through the Nation's articles on 9/11 I found this one from late last year that should give us an inkling into what the coming limited hangout is going to look like...


Gaping Holes Remain in the 9/11 Story

[posted online on September 11, 2006]

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Dennis Kucinich and Press for Truth - LIHOP Limited Hangout Dream Team?

The above post at 911B (I guess this is what I'm going to have to do if I'm banned) is about pushing Press for Truth along with Kucinich's "limited" investigation into 9/11.

Having been a Kucinich supporter in 04 and learned the hard way ($500 worth) that he cannot be counted on, I feel that what it looks like is that the limited hangout LIHOP film press for truth can probably shed some light on what Kucinich's investigation will entail. Remember, Kucinich is the Democrats' official lefty, meaning his job seems to be to draw in all the folks who feel let down by the democrats by giving them false hope that he can move the party back into some semblance of an opposition.

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I have apparently been blocked by 911 Blogger

Unless there is some glitch, my account on 911Blogger has been blocked.

"The username Real Truther has not been activated or is blocked."

That's what I get when I try to log in... no message from any admin to explain why this may have happened, either.

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Why is there no room to question Israel – even when it kills Americans – in the halls of Congress?

Time for the truth about the Liberty

By Ward Boston Jr.
June 8, 2007

Forty years ago this week, I was asked to investigate the heaviest attack on an American ship since World War II. As senior legal counsel to the Navy Court of Inquiry, it was my job to help uncover the truth regarding Israel's June 8, 1967, bombing of the Navy intelligence ship Liberty.

On that sunny, clear day 40 years ago, Israel's combined air and naval forces attacked the Liberty for two hours, inflicting 70 percent casualties. Thirty-four American sailors died, and 172 were injured. The Liberty remained afloat only by the crew's heroic efforts.

Israel claimed it was an accident. Yet I know from personal conversations with the late Adm. Isaac C. Kidd – president of the Court of Inquiry – that President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered him to conclude that the attack was a case of “mistaken identity.”

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Comic Relief

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This is from last year when it was much less clear how much of an impact, if any, we were making.

Friends, we know the damage caused to our nation and to countless innocent people by McCarthyism. We know that when we let ourselves be divided we become vulnerable to to those with ill intentions. Many people wonder if we are right about 9-11, why then has no one "of importance" come out to take our side.

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