Real Truther Says Sayonara to YT and Truthaction

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I had really hoped that I was just being paranoid, but it seems pretty clear that the exact same tactics that were used to purge are being used to similarly clean house at

To wit, it involves having users targetted for abusive behavior by other users who are not called on it themselves.  When the target is provoked into something less than a sheepish plea for mercy the targeted user is warned and put on "probation" only to be attacked again and again until they give up on trying to stick around.

It's becoming clear that the 9/11 truth movement is being "led" by a clique that uses various methods to enforce its control over what is considered "the 9/11 truth movement."  Well, if we can't beat em, I am most certainly not going to join them.  Consider RT out of the "9/11 truth movement." RT is now an independent citizen working to inform his fellows of the truth not just about 9/11 but the so-called "9/11 truth movement", the many-headed hydra of ostensible diversity populated by shills and useful idiots.