This is from last year when it was much less clear how much of an impact, if any, we were making.

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Friends, we know the damage caused to our nation and to countless innocent people by McCarthyism. We know that when we let ourselves be divided we become vulnerable to to those with ill intentions. Many people wonder if we are right about 9-11, why then has no one "of importance" come out to take our side. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney did, asking tough questions of people like Genral Myers and Donald Rumsfeld that no one else had the courage to ask--about the suspiciously coincidental war game exercises scheduled for 9-11 that thwarted any possible air response to the planes that struck the towers, about the missing trillions from the Pentagon budget that Rumsfeld admitted to on Sept. 10, 2001, about the sex-slavery condoned by government contactor Dyncorp.

Despite her courageous efforts, Congresswoman McKinney cannot by herself hold this administration to account. Dr. Kevin Barrett alone cannot drag the truth out of this band of criminals. And I, without your support, cannot continue for long fighting this fight. While the fallout from 9-11 continues to take lives, literally in the cancers developing among those exposed to the toxic clouds of dust that the EPA swore were no threat to New Yorkers, and figuratively in the crimes that continue to be abetted by constant reference to the threat of so-called Islamofascist terror.

We have, you and I both, become inured to the violence that we did not know five years ago--that we could scarcely have believed had it been foretold. Our senses have been dulled by shock and awe, by the firebombing with white phosphorus of innocent civilians in Fallujah, by the horrific activities of our military in Abu Ghraib, by the murder of parents in front of their children in Tal-Afar. And while we are numbed, we can still be shocked, as in the most recent atrocity to come to light in Iraq--the rape and murder of girl of 15 by a US soldier. We can only hope (against hope) that this is a unique incident, but given the evil that has been on display since 9-11, there is little cause for optimism.

We have been saying this for years, but it bears repeating--NOTHING will stop this horrible cycle of violence except striking at the root of all justification for it--9-11. If you have not yet examined for yourself the clear evidence that the attacks of that day were a sophisticated oepration conducted with the knowledge and consent of both elements of the current administration and the profiteering landlord of the WTC complex, I urge you to drop everything and do so immediately. There is no wiser investment of our time, energy, and money than the effort to pull our world from the brink of what promises to be an endless campaign of terror and destruction. Please join us in seeking and speaking the truth--we cannot do it without you.