What Direction is 911Blogger Taking?

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Well let's see,


The post above has a picture of Annie Machon, partner (some say former) of disinfo shill David Shayler. Plugged in this post are the films 9/11 Press for Truth, the Patsystan did it limited hangout movie, and Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime, along the same lines but even worse, failing to mention buidling 7 even once.


In this next post Jon Stewart is promoted as someone who "if woken up to the truth about 9/11" would be a great asset. The link provided is to a story on Alex Jones' site, no less. In comments, a few people including site owner dz talk up Jon Stewart as if he was a wonderful guy who just needs to wrap his head around 9/11. The video clip that is supposed to make us realize how brilliant Stewart is is basically a series of jokes making light of the tragedy in Iraq. I don't have time now to elaborate but suffice it to say that 911B may well be showing its true colors.

I've written a second and final email to dz, the site owner, to ask him why I've been blocked from accessing the site and assuming I get no reply, or one that confirms that I have been banned, by tonight, I will be issuing a statement on the subject that I hope people will take the time to consider seriously.