An (nearly) Excellent Documentary From Montreal 9/11 Truth.

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I say 'nearly' because part eight kinda weirded me out a little.

Anyway, Kinda funny that Rep posted this on 911blogger's front page and typically it's not as popular as something like Alten's 'Shill Game' or Dylan Avery's meaningless drivel.


Oh yeah, here's the 911blogger link.

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Part 8

I think this point was iffy (maybe the police were showing him a bad VHS copy of a digital recording) and could have been made in about three sentences rather than a whole segment. But what weirded you out, exactly? Am I missing something?

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re: Part 8

I thought the point was pretty weak also and just the fact that this guy walks up to some one just to complain about his cigarrette (I'm assuming there weren't many people around & this busy-body had plenty of personal space.) and is upset when the guy goes off on him was pretty petty too.

So, I guess weirded was the wrong word, offended is more accurate.

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Probably an ex-smoker...

They can be rather self-righteous.