David Horowitz booed off the stage at Emory University.

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yes, yes!!! David Horowitz's "awareness" train was derailed.

at Emory! wish i could have been there! i hope this follows him everywhere.

and thank god this WEEK is over!!!!

any news on what happened to DH at OHIO STATE?

there are multi-part videos on YouTube now.


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Does Israel Have the Right to Exist?

Absolutely Fucking Not!

What about having Zionazi Awareness Week?

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yeah, Lazlo

but to be really fair and  comparatively parallel, just imagine this on the campuses:

"Judeofascism" Awareness Week!

either way, just how ridiculous and absurdly obscene is this!!!!


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Raw Power

I guess a better Question should be. Does the people who occupy the land of palestine have right to occupy it. All it is Raw Power and the so called Jewish people have that power thats it

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What is the "Right to Exist"?

And, does the US have it?
How far back in history do you go to judge that "right"?

Not states need a right to exist, but people do.

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And, does the US have it? Of

And, does the US have it? Of course they do we helped the so called Jewish people forcefully take the land from the people who existed there Along with Germany Great Brittan Russia. Raw Power helped Herzl Fiction come true and they were rewarded for it.
How far back in history do you go to judge that "right"?
Its not a right. Either you exist in nature or you don't. Land on the other hand is either occupied or not. If someone wants that land you occupy either, you give it to them or the take by force that's what is a exercise of raw power.

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The Meaning of “the right to exist”

The Meaning of “the right to exist”

I am sorry to come off sounding so extreme with no explanation yesterday. I had just watched the David Horrorwitz sub-species slimebag show; have been reading Paul Findley’s “They Dare to Speak Out” book about how AIPAC has transformed American government, media, and academia into Israel’s bitch through bribery, deception, and intimidation; have been studying Zionist guerilla operations in the 1930s and 1940s, and was on my way out to a massive anti-war rally. Folks, we are in serious trouble.

On Judaic religious grounds (both Torah and Talmud), the very existence and material establishment of a “Jewish State” with a military force is a Covenant violation, a sin against G-d, and a heresy that strikes at the very root of “Israel’s” relation to that deity.

On legal grounds, Israel was admitted into the community of nations, represented by the UN, on condition that it would set aside the West Bank and Gaza for the indigenous residents of Palestine (the “Two State Solution”), and that Jerusalem would be an internationalized city, belonging to neither Jew, Christian, or Muslim, but equally and peacefully shared by all. Israel feigned agreement, signed the agreement with fingers crossed (we have documents and letters to this effect), and as a state, it has violated every UN resolution passed against it for breach of initial entry contract and a voluminous multitude of serious human rights violations. Thus, on legal grounds, Israel as a Jewish State should either be dismantled as an apartheid faux democracy, or kicked out of the UN until it decides to comply with the agreements it signed and complies with international agreements on human rights. Torture in Israel is legal, and I won’t even go into the Israeli sex-slave operations.

On moral grounds, “Israel,” as it now exists as a “Jewish State,” should be dismantled. It has itself, turned into the image of Nazi Germany that has always been portrayed in the “Holocaust Story” (1948 Red Cross reports – just under 272,000 total deaths in German detention camps, no plan of systematic extermination, no Talmudic six million burning in the ovens which were used to bake bread to feed all the slave laborers.) As Jews were rounded up as political enemies of the German state (officially declare war on a state, as the WZO did in 1933, and you will usually get this sort of reaction), hauled off by trains, and placed in detention camps, so too were the hundreds of thousands of residents living in Ramleh and other Arab towns, rounded up and driven from their lands into refugee camps. The only difference is that the so-called Holocaust only lasted for 4-5 years, and the Palestinian Holocaust has been going on now for over 60 years – twelve times longer, and much more brutal. The Nazis shipped you off to the camp on a train. The Zionists made the refugees walk, usually after shooting all the young men. Israel is the case of a molested child turning into a worse molester later in life.

Aside from human rights, Israel has also become a major danger to all the peoples of the world. It now has a 60-year history of staging false flag terror attacks against its friends to provoke them to do their Arab killing for them. America pays, dies, and gets the blame for executing Israel’s Middle East policies of aggression and Neo-colonialism. Through AIPAC, Israel has basically subverted, for decades now, any real democratic process in America (America’s politicians are owned and controlled by Israel and work for Israel first and America second), and has stifled free speech in both media and academia with regards to important international subjects that need to be discussed. From Israeli and American Neo-con documents we know of what is called the “Final Solution to the Arab Question.” The beginning of that solution starts in Iran and is completed by the end of World War III. The state of Israel is thus a real menace to the world community, and for these reasons needs to be dismantled as a “Jewish State” and as a military power. If American politicians really want to stand up for America and for peace and justice, they should cut off all funding to Israel immediately and without delay, and the men and women inside the U.S. and Israeli governments and media who participated in the planning, funding, execution, and cover-up of the 9/11 attacks should be immediately arrested and imprisoned for treason against the United States of America.

Saying that Israel does not have the right to exist does not imply that the Jewish people do not have the right to exist and should be subject to some Neo-Nazi extermination plan. That is exactly what we are trying to avoid. If you thought I meant “Israel” as the world-wide Jewish community, I did not, and I am sorry to have given that impression, however, most people on this blog would know that what I meant by Israel is the political entity, the “State of Israel.” Having said this, it does seem, from the real life plans of the State of Israel, that it sincerely believes that the Arab and Persian peoples do not have the right to exist, i.e. live and have life. It is sad and ironic that the people who always complain about the exaggerated “genocide” of the Nazis, now themselves commit and support an actual genocide against the peoples of the Middle East. So the new rule is – If you support the State of Israel, you are not allowed to whine about the Nazis, and if all your ancestors are 8th century CE Turkic converts to Judaism, you cannot call people anti-Semitic, and demand at gunpoint the farmlands of someone who has lived on that land for a thousand years.

The Grand Rebbes of the past also said that the State of Israel does not have the right to exist (in its present configuration). As Zionism is the enemy of Judaism and the moral soul of the Jewish people, I stand with the Rabbis and the real Jews of the world against the spiritual, legal, and moral abomination that is the present state of Israel. Grand Rebbe Teitelbaum even called the use of the name of “Israel” by the Zionists for their state an abomination unto itself.

With regards to “Raw Power,” I can only repeat the words of the prophet Yeshua ben Yosef – “Those who live by the sword, shall die by the sword.”