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First of all:

"Jewishness". Is that a word? This seems to be the theme of the day.

I'm curious:

What is a "jewish" person? Is it race? Is it religion?

Am I supposed to be defined by the fact that I'm Irish/Scottish/English and that my father's father was a Protestant?

My father is an agnostic; does that make me one too? (I am, incidentally;)

Seems silly in this day and age, what with advanced molecular biology and all.

We're all human beings, we're all cursed/blessed to live on this planet as she zooms through the universe. It's time to put aside all this race/religion nonsense.

I don't mean to say that people should burn their Bibles, Korans, Talmuds and bhagavad vita's and start worshipping Richard Dawkins, I just mean that it's absurd to think that God, if he/she exists, "plays favorites". There is wonderful “moderate” literature in all three religions, believe it or not. I recommend the work of Karen Armstrong, who's work outlines many of these visionaries.

Then it’s on to Hume and Berkeley and blanket skepticism ;)

Think about this now: is it even remotely logical or, for that matter, spiritual to suggest that nine-tenths of the people on this ugly/beautiful blue pearl of ours will burn in eternal hell fire because they don't worship a particular deity? It's beyond absurd. It's insulting to my (God-given;) intelligence.



The problem with Zionism (or one of the many problems) is that it belongs in the first century AD. I mean could you imagine, say, the Inuit, finding an ancient text detailing their exodus from Bermuda and deciding that they were "entitled" to the island as a result? Could you thence imagine them establishing a state where all the original inhabitants were to be considered second class citizens to be slaughtered at will? It's fucking crazy. Even more crazy is that most people apparently consider such a scheme A-Ok. Are you gonna tell me that the Inuit have been any less persecuted than the Jews? No, I didn't think so.

I consider the racist philosophy of Zionism to be all mixed up with 911 truth. You can’t avoid it, you can’t pretend it isn’t happening, it’s right there for all to see.



I'll be candid here and express my opinions on the recent controversies.

- RT, you're a highly intelligent fellow and I like most of your posts but I think you're wasting your time attacking specific individuals. I also think it’s wrong to jump the gun and smear people based on “the gut”. Intuition doesn’t stand in a court of law, and I think it’s pretty low to drag people’s names through the mud because you feel that they’re not up to par.

Attack what "they" say if you disagree with it, but there’s no point in character smears.

- On the subject of the Jewish Holocaust...

I think it's an absolute disgrace that people are being sent to jail for questioning body counts. History, or the study thereof, is a constant process of revision. The term "revisionist" is actually just another name for historian.

I will say this however.

If the argument is that without the gas chambers the state of Israel would be non-existent, I say bullshit. Jews were viciously persecuted during WWII, just as Jews are now viciously persecuting Palestinians. Is it a matter of degree? Concentration camps are enough.

Here’s what I find more interesting:

Let's say that the "official story" of the "holocaust" is correct -- that six million Jews perished during WWII.

According to Iris Chang (now deceased, via suicide supposedly) and other historians, over 20 million Chinese perished in WWII.

Most historians agree that upwards of 20 million Russians perished during the same time period.

The numbers for the Native American holocaust are widely disputed, but some estimates place the number as high as 100 million.

The question we should be asking ourselves is why the Jewish persecution should be regarded as "unique" while the deaths of millions of Russians and Chinese are footnotes in the history books; why countless museums should be built to honor Jewish victims of the "holocaust" but not anarchists, communists, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, the disabled etc. (who died in equal numbers); why other genocides are considered "progress" or geopolitical necessity and not deserving of recognition; why the suffering of one race should be paramount, and deserving of the word "holocaust", while everyone else is somehow "lesser".

The numbers game doesn’t really interest me. I suppose that may be considered a cop-out, but far more fascinating to my sensibilities is why 6 million is more important than 20 million, provided the latter have slanty eyes.