How the Fake Truth Movement Operates - a Thumbnail Sketch

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The Apparent Principles of the Fake Truth Movement

I Create 9/11 truth groups, entities, websites, films etc. and volunteer to take on leadership responsibilities.

II Coordinate with other fake truthers to promote each other, i.e. 911Blogger promoting TruthAction promoting 9/11 Truth News, etc. Also known as creating ostensible diversity that masks actual uniformity.

III Marginalize people and sites who insist on criticizing the official fake truth line.

IV Create a fake "enemy truther" with an absurd agenda like Nico Haupt and have him attack you so as to gain sympathy from other truthers and create the impression that you are important and effective because you are the "enemy truther"'s enemy.

V Further bolster your image as "good truthers" by dropping names and promoting "feelgood" causes like first responder health and glorifying the victims' families.

VI Incessantly call for "unity" (meaning of course everyone united in agreement with the official fake truth line) and decry those who disagree as "dividers".

VII When the truther rank and file show independent thinking and all coercive and manipulative tactics fail to "correct" it, go ahead and adapt to the new awareness with as little useful info as possible, i.e. limited hangout. This is necessary because the most important thing is maintaining credibility among newcomers and old timers alike. Whether this means embracing explosive demolition or even some discussion of Israeli complicity the idea is to keep the sheep in the flock from straying out of your sphere of influence and control.

VIII Over time you will use the credibility you thereby preserve to move everyone back to the accepted line, i.e. LIHOP. You will be assisted in this by folks like Kucinich who will seem to be a great hope, or by shills like Steve Alten who you will also promote as a great hope.

IX As the movement grows, you continue to pull back from damaging revelations in favor of LIHOP and other limited hangouts by relying on your network of "established (fake) truthers" to give the impression to newbies that those complaining about the retreat from real issues like explosive demolition and Israeli/Zionist involvement are zealots, bigots, etc.

X Whenever possible, try to rehabilitate and recycle discredited fake truthers like Jim Fetzer.