LIHOP Watch Summer 2014 - Kevin Ryan and the Redacted Pages

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Just a reminder that the certain elements in the truth movement continue to push their LIHOP agenda, as they have been for years. Kevin Ryan's latest, a kind of indictment of George Tenet, is essentially a LIHOP piece, basically accusing Tenet of being instrumental in working with the Saudis to facilitate the development of "al Qaeda" and the recruitment of the alleged 9/11 hijackers.His last paragraph sums up his accusation:

"The facts show that, as DCI from 1997 to 2004, Tenet was responsible for an agency that had, at the very least, failed miserably to perform its duties related to counterterrorism. Overall the evidence suggests that, as with Louis Freeh and the FBI, some of those failures were intentional. Concerns that Tenet and Freeh had developed secret paths of communication with Saudi authorities, and that they might have disrupted plans to capture or investigate al Qaeda suspects, were never addressed. Therefore, an ongoing investigation into 9/11 should include George Tenet and his actions leading up to the attacks."

While the origin of the myth of al Qaeda and its hijackers is a worthwhile subject of investigation, Ryan makes no effort other than careful use of the word "alleged" to drive home the point that there is no credible evidence of the named hijackers having hijacked anything on 9/11, and several reasons to doubt that they did, including the changes in the list of names when it was realized that they had chosen a couple that were already dead. The idea instead is to cast suspicion on Saudi Arabia and certain American officials for having been directly or indirectly responsible for real hijackings by real terrorists.

Neither is Ryan's timing, apparently, coincidental, as the mainstream media introduce their own case for LIHOP, assisted by some members of Congress, the former co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission, some alleged victims' families, and suspect members of the truth movement:

"If and when the 28 redacted pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry
are released, and people in our Government try to use those pages as an
excuse to go to war with Saudi Arabia (which I don't think they can do
since Saudi Arabia owns a large portion of this country), we will need
to make sure the whole history of the relationship between Saudi Arabia
and those two hijackers in San Diego is known, that the whole history of
the CIA seemingly protecting those two hijackers in San Diego is known,
that one of the first things Bush did when he came into office was to
tell the alphabet agencies to "back off" the Saudis and the Bin Ladens,
that we have protected Saudi Arabia's support for terrorism since long
before 9/11, that the Bush Family, George Tenet and Prince Bandar were
really good friends (money connected to those two hijackers in San Diego
came from the Bandar family), that George W. Bush and Bandar were
talking about the need for "decisive action" in Iraq in the months
before 9/11, that Bandar said Saudi intelligence was following most of
the hijackers "with precision," that Philip Zelikow and Prince Bandar
both belong to the Aspen Strategy Group, that the Consulate in Jeddah
where some of the hijackers got their Visas was the same consulate used
in the 80's to bring "terrorists" to the U.S. to train for the
Afghanistan/Russia War, that the VIsa Express Program, a program used by
some of the hijackers to get visas, applied only to Saudi Arabia and
was started months before 9/11. Stuff like that…" ~ Jon Gold

We will continue to monitor this latest LIHOP offensive as it develops.