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BBC uses emotional blackmail to fend off critics of their continued lying about 9/11

"It was clear that there was a widely-held view that the continued questioning of every aspect of what happened on 9/11 was distressing to the relatives and that it made it difficult for them to reach closure."

The BBC and the Truth about 911
Dennis "galen" Mitrzyk and Peter Wakefield Sault
Sent by reader
Sun, 29 Jul 2007 06:57 EDT

The following exchange of emails between two critics of the BBC and a mouthpiece for that organization looks at the broadcaster's coverage of 911, specifically a documentary aired earlier this year entitled "The Conspiracy Files". The producer of the show, Mike Rudin, has this to say about what they found on his blog:

"We didn't find anything conclusive proving the conspiracy theories. Instead we found a lot of evidence which supported the official version and contradicted the various conspiracy theories."

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From the Amazon Forums

"Yes, I should willingly blame Jews for all problems.
-=Mike "

No, no, by all means blame "the Arabs" and "the Muslims"--that's the only way you're going to convince anyone to support murdering them by the tens of thousands in order to secure the oil that props up the value of your precious and much over-printed dollar!

When it's time to blame "the Jews" like it was before WW2, you'll know because that's when people like the Warburgs and Rothschilds will arm a guy like Hitler in order to scare Jews into fleeing to Palestine to use as cannon fodder for their imperial designs.

Did it ever occur to you that the elites in this world could care less who is what? That they simply pit the little people against each other in order to better lord it over them? In just the same way that it served the elites' purposes to fund Hitler and his persecution of Jews in Europe it today serves their purposes to perpetrate 9/11 and blame it on Muslims so as to turn the world against them.

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Who is Efraim Halevy?

But, as with all the other highly controversial policies he implemented during his five-year stewardship of Mossad between 1998 and 2003, Mr Halevy has no regrets about the uncompromising tactics he adopted against his enemies. "This is a wartime situation, and in war you need to take drastic measures to defeat the enemy," says Mr Halevy

He was the head of Mossad from 1998 to 2002 (his replacement took the position September 11, 2002)

Here is part of his Wikipedia entry:

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Guilty! - Of Historical Non-Conformity [NOTE: see comments for clarification on this story]

Another thought crime conviction. I see no need to post this on YT's 911b forum, despite the long discussion in the 911b censorship thread. Will this soon be joined by globalwarming denial, etc. In case you were unaware, (see reader comments at blog link, too):

German Environmentalist Sentenced to Prison for 1 Year - Guilty of Historical Non-Conformity!

Well-known German environmentalist Dr. Johannes Lerle, 55, has been sentenced by an Erlangen court to one year in prison for alleged "racial incitement."
The charge stems from his "public denial or minimizing of National Socialist atrocities in a manner designed to disturb the peace."

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Follow Up on ADL Spying Post At Truthaction

As a follow up to my post earlier describing recent espionage on Americans by the ADL, here is a description from Douglas Reed's book Controversy of Zion, completed in 1953, that shows that domestic spying by the ADL is nothing new... In case you're wondering what the ADL has to do with 9/11, I've pasted after the text from COZ an excerpt from the ADL's screed against 9/11 truth. Of course, as an agency determined to fight defamation, you would think the ADL might be concerned about Arabs being wrongly blamed for the attacks, but of course that is not the case...


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Real American vs. Immigrants

I think I'm in love. (Just don't tell my wife);)

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The Field Guide to Trolls -- Version 5.1

I thought y'all might want to see this. Fun and educational reading for the whole family.

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The Bestest No Plane at the Pentagon Photo

Here is the obvious NO PLANE AT THE PENTAGON AERIAL SHOT photo I mentioned last week on this blog. Check it out –

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Latest Controversies

First of all:

"Jewishness". Is that a word? This seems to be the theme of the day.

I'm curious:

What is a "jewish" person? Is it race? Is it religion?

Am I supposed to be defined by the fact that I'm Irish/Scottish/English and that my father's father was a Protestant?

My father is an agnostic; does that make me one too? (I am, incidentally;)

Seems silly in this day and age, what with advanced molecular biology and all.

We're all human beings, we're all cursed/blessed to live on this planet as she zooms through the universe. It's time to put aside all this race/religion nonsense.

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A Long Letter to the G man on Alex Jones, educational outreach suggestions, and Jesus as “self-hating” Jew

I didn’t want to take up a lot of text real estate in the conversation thread on this so I thought I would post this as a full blog.


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Anti-Semitism Rears its Ugly Head in Iraq and Kuwait

"And they sit you into this little briefing room and you get this briefing about how, you know, you can't trust any of these fucking Hadjis, because all these fucking Hadjis are going to kill you. And Hadji is always used as a term of disrespect and usually, with the 'f' word in front of it."

Now I don't want anyone to worry--Hadjis are NOT Jewish semites, so it's not the bad kind of anti-semitism--you know, the one that is ingrained into our genetic code as non-Jews.

Nonetheless, it is still proof of how important it is for pro-semitic organizations like the Anti-Defamation League continue to be on guard, for this less vile form of anti-semitism may well someday manifest itself as people suggesting with absolutely no reason that the good semites, that is Jewish people (including those of eastern european, i.e. non-semitic origins) might be organizing themselves into groups with agendas that undermine America's security.

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The More the Story Changes, The More Alex Jones Stays the Same

Oh, turns out it was all just a mistake! Oh! Woops! I guess there was no dark cloud in this silver lining for Loose Change Final Coverup's publicity.

As usual with the morphing stories from AJ, we are left wondering--why was the story so convoluted in the first place? Why was the "stop-loss" explanation offered and now seemingly nixed? And what is up with the DWI cited on a truthaction forum post that was the alleged reason they found him back in 2005? And why am I so stupid as to bite like a retarded fish with a death wish each time AJ or the Loose Change boyz are involved in some tabloid style publicity crap that ends up amounting to diddly squat?


From the rubble pile of 911B:

Prison Planet has a new article based on a conversation with Korey Rowe stating:

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all legal options exhausted

This article reminds me of an old thread in 911 blogger when I was still of the opinion that every legal means must me pursued to bring the 911 perps to justice.

Conyers recent participation in having Cindy Sheehan arrested drives in the point that relying on representative democracy (in the US context), is an exercise in futility. The system has been so corrupted any game (elections, legal system, etc.) is stacked against truthers and the anti war activists.

Outside the box is the only way left


also on

John Conyers Is No Martin Luther King

By Ray McGovern
July 24, 2007

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Holy Nutcases Batman

Can you say 'threat to humanity' ?

I caught this nut case Pasture Haygee on TV one day and about dropped a load in my trousers when I heard some of the shit he said.

Tom DeLay makes a cameo in the video....

"...and obviously we have to be connected to Israel to enjoy the 2nd coming of Christ"
Tom Delay

Watch this nutty shit. Can you believe what you are seeing?

Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour

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al Qaeda -- Iraq ---- -- ---- -- ---------- -- Osama bin Laden

Thanks to:

Wed Jul 25, 2007 9:25 pm


In a speech in Carolina today, George Bush discussed the war on terror.
The full text is available here

But I have taken the liberty of highlighting the important bits.

The President: ----- --- ---. ------ -- ------. ----- ---, -------. ------ --- --- ----------- --- ---- ------------. -'- ----- -- -- ---- --- --- --- ----- -- --- --- -----, --- ----, --- -------, --- ---- --- --- ----- -----. ------ --- -------. ------ --- ------- --- ------- -- --- ------ ------ -- -------.

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Will All The Joo Haters Please Stand Up?

The Zionist angle has never been something that I was terribly interested in. But I've noticed something recently. Well, not recently actually. I noticed it a long time ago.

I was banned from a site called Guerrilla News Network (GNN.TV) because someone called me an anti-semite. I hit back by calling the guy a loony cock and pointed out that for the many years I had been on that site I've rarely mentioned the word jew, semite, zionist, or even Israel. So I was permanently banned.

After that I decided to just LOOK at the holocaust history. Now I barely got into my history lesson when I noticed an intense argument that overshadows ANY study of the holocaust or Israel politics relative to the USA.

I found that there are laws in civilized societies that can land you in trouble for just THINKING or COMMUNICATING skepticism about the Holocaust! Wow!

That should be enough for any sensible human with a brain to want to figure this out.

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Dog who searched for WTC survivors dies

This is sad. Dog's are truly man's best friend, I'm living testament to that.

A black Labrador who became a national canine hero after burrowing through white-hot, smoking debris in search of survivors at the World Trade Center site died Wednesday after a battle with cancer.

Owner Mary Flood had Jake put to sleep Wednesday after a last stroll through the fields and a dip in the creek near their home in Oakley, Utah. He was in too much pain at the end, shaking with a 105-degree fever as he lay on the lawn.

No one can say whether the dog would have gotten sick if he hadn't been exposed to the smoky air at ground zero, but cancer in dogs Jake's age — he was 12 — is quite common.

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Support the GI Resistance -- Korey Rowe Arrested for Desertion

Despite my personal challenges as a member of Smart-Alecks Anonymous, I am going to refrain from mentioning Michael Chertoff's gut's solidarity or the ever-present specter of the AJ-esque publicity stunt and just keep it at brass tacks level: People who physically resist the war deserve our support first and foremost, and our cynicism and smart-assery only after that.

Iraq Vets Against the War
Courage to Resist
Local newspaper coverage

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No, Really - There's a Shortage of Sand

What's wrong with this article? Well apparently there's a shortage of sand. No need to explain that one, right? Not only that, but there's a shortage of purified silicon (silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust, after oxygen).

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What About the Old Pearl Harbor?

Call me crazy. I just got Day of Deceit by Robert Stinnet, a book that has gotten somepublicity in the mainstream press despite its "shocking" claim that FDR knew full well the Japanese were going to attack and Let It Happen On Purpose. He cites evidence that we had broken all the necessary Japanese codes and that on top of that the Japanese were quite brazenly or carelessly repeatedly breaking radio silence.

FDR LIHOP is certainly not a shock to any of us I'm sure. But something unthinkable is nagging at the back of my mind. What if Pearl Harbor was not LIHOP but MIHOP? How would we know? I looked up pictures of the attack and it's hard to find any evidence that in fact it was the Japanese causing all the big explosions.

It's not just the seemingly nonexistent visual confirmation though. Think about it. We have the official story which is "complete surprise"--no one saw it coming, yatta yatta. We've heard that one in regard to 9/11.

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