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Sinwar's smile says it all: What Israel can learn from Hamas

Haaretz - Fri, 2021-06-04 03:06
The image of the Hamas chief sitting in his ruined Gaza office sends a direct message to Israel ? The new government's first challenge may be awaiting at a West Bank outpost

Volatile days for Netanyahu, dangerous days for Israel

Haaretz - Fri, 2021-06-04 03:03
When so much is at stake for Netanyahu – who once said he wants to be remembered as Israel's defender – an outbreak of violence can't be dismissed

Bennett, Israel’s would-be prime minister, is in the eye of the storm

Haaretz - Fri, 2021-06-04 03:02
The list of Yamina rebels lengthens, and that’s before Netanyahu’s days of rage next week

This is what we know so far about the Bennett-Lapid government agreements

Haaretz - Fri, 2021-06-04 01:23
Although the terms under which the new coalition deals were finalized will only be revealed in proximity to when the new government is sworn in, the agreements' key elements are clear

Netanyahu's co-defendant has been trying to negotiate a plea bargain

Haaretz - Fri, 2021-06-04 01:00
While Netanyahu sought favorable coverage in his co-defendant's publication, the publisher hoped to limit the circulation of a competing newspaper, the indictments state
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