Just Like the Old Days -- Gold Accuses People of LYING About Him

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I guess this is a bad habit rearing its head, but it's so tempting to argue with this guy.

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oh Cass...

he ain't worth your time of day!

here's my favorite line:

"If I am a "preferred member" do you think it might have to do with the fact that I have contributed more to that site than anyone? Do you think that might have something to do with it?"

HA! DO you?? DO you?!

Here's why preaching the virtue of unity is not a good idea. First, you have to be nice to Jon Gold, which is very very hard. Second, you have to accept that Jon Gold represents the ultimate truther, the highest goal any of us can hope to achieve.

I'm all for Jon Gold being a truther if he wants to, and even calling himself one if he must. But I'll be damned if I'm going to let him get away with the constant self-aggrandizement. Why, because I dislike Jonny? No--I do but that's not why. The reason I call him out on his BS is because what he does is set the bar very very low for truthers. Low in terms of inquisitiveness, analytical ability, breadth of scope, likeability, accuracy, and so much else that when people thank him for "all he's done for the movement" I can't help but vomit.

For a long time I gave him the benefit of the doubt--maybe he really was sincere, and the whole "big teddy bear" image he tries so hard to cultivate is real. Over time though I noticed every olive branch I extended was ignored (except one--when I hosted some of the first responder 5th anniversary talks on my website and he actually thanked me) and when you shared with me the disturbing emails he sent you there was no longer a question--this is an aggressive man putting up a gentle front.

What he claims to be his opinions of what is important and what is not is simply impossible to believe given how neatly it downplays Israeli and Silverstein's involvement to put it on the level with the wobbly Patsystan connection.

Anyway, like I said, he ain't worth your time OR mine, or anyone else's. Right now he is probably quite happy to keep you occupied with arguing with him--remember, he doesn't actually have to spend any time doing real truthing like we do so what is a waste of our time is productive use of his. Don't give him the satisfaction!


the eternal disinfo chain! don't get entangled by it!

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So you voted my blog entry a 2?

Did you? DID YOU? That's it! I'm outta here. I vow never never again to post on this blog, ever.

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And what's more...


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That's funny.

9/11 Truth is the Real Peace Movement

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I voted you ONE out of spite! Yes, you can call me an enemy of this movement now.
happiness is either here or nowhere

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SOME redeeming value

thanks to Larry Horse these things actually mean something. Don't you have some victims' families to suck up to or something? :)

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Fools Gold

I thought Mr. fools Gold was done Blogging at 911 Blogger. to bad at least he is not here boo who

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LOL. Didn't take Jon long to pull out the "Holocaust Denier"...

tactic to defend himself... Nothing to see here folk's... Just another poor 'Jew' suffering the haters...

And Jon wonders why informed people question his motives. Intellectual dishonesty is a very telling trait all Shills & disinfo agents share. He's no different than those that deny the concept of gravity or molten steel at the WTC. Also gives you a big fucking clue who they're really working for...

Jon, you ruined your own credibility, quit falsely accusing others of thought crimes.

Edit: This is not where I clicked on 'reply', oh well, maybe I'm still half asleep.

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you guys know that golds

you guys know that golds grandpa used to work for the NSA??? he used to say it all the time... he says that all his 911 work is done in the name of walt gold his gramps...

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Guide to Jon Gold's 9/11 (Un)Truthing Script

Here's a copy of the comment I just posted on truthaction.org in a the thread casseia mentioned above. If anybody sees anything I left out of the script, let me know.

Guide to Jon Gold's 9/11 (Un)Truthing Script

I'm sure for those who have observed Jon Gold's tired shtick going back to the days of the Howard Stern Message Board and the various other boards up through the recent controlled demolition of Apartment 911B, and now on this forum, the script that Gold follows is pretty obvious by now. It's a pretty consistent script over the years, I have to say. So, for guiding people who are new to Jon's schtick, and for laughs for those who are all too familiar with Mr. Gold, here 'tis:

1) Attempt to divert people away from the evidence that most strongly supports MIHOP, ESPECIALLY any evidence that implicates Mossad/Zionist involvement, while exagerating about and going ON AND ON AND ON AND ON about the Al Queda/Patsystan/LIHOP "evidence".

1A) WTC Controlled Demolition and Pentagon No Boeing evidence and any evidence that disproves that muslim hijackers were onboard the planes must be rejected or downplayed at all times. Shut down those who attempt to bring up this evidence. Those who discuss this evidence are to be accused of being agants, and/or of being divisive. If any of this type of MIHOP evidence becomes too universally accepted within the movement, such as what has happened with the WTC CD in the last few years, forget that he used to reject it, accuse anyone of being a liar who points out that Jon used to reject it, but still attempt to downplay it (see Jon's "This is Not the Controlled Demolition Movement" post last month on Apartment 911B).

1B) "Contribute to the movement" (and make a name for yourself) by doing such things as writing letters to and dialoguing with the family members asking questions about Patsystan in order to keep them focased on Patsystan. If anybody disagrees with this naked attempt to contain the inquiry and keep influencial and well respected people, such as the family members, from looking in the direction of Israel/Zionists, accuse such dissenters of disrespecting/not supporting family members, and/or being divisive, and or asking them "what have you contributed to the movement?"

1C) Don't allow any discussion of evidence that points to Israel/Zionists being behind 9/11. Accuse anybody who tries to discuss this evidence of being anti-semites, and/or of being divisive

2) How to deal with criticism of this script and arguments used against people who continue challenging Jon's tactics:

2A) Accuse dissenters of being agents
2B) Accuse those who disagree with and criticize Jon's tactics of lying
2C) Play the sympathy card - paint the disagreements and criticisms in terms of people unfairly attacking/victimizing Jon or orchestrating a vendetta
2D) Accuse people of keeping Jon from FINDING THE TRUTH, and keep repeating that he is "only attempting to FIND THE TRUTH"
2E) Accuse them of lying again
2F) Question the dissenter's motivations
2G) Claim that the dissenter only posts comments that attack good hard-working truthers such as Jon whether true or not (mostly not)
2H) Claim that the dissenter does not contribute anything to the truth movement whether true or not (mostly not)
2I) Name drop - Jon knows everybody who's anybody in the 9/11 truth movement [commence rolling eyes]
2J) Accuse them of lying again
2K) Attack the blatent disinfo types, such as the WTC No-Planers/Hologram types in order to show that Jon Himself couldn't possibly be disinfo agent
2L) Claim that Jon has contributed more blog posts than anybody else in the movement, and therefore is worth more than any other truther to the movement (pretending that only quantity, not quality, counts - i.e. disregarding the negative value that should be ascribed to contributions that serve to misdirect/distract people away from the true perpetrators of 9/11...how many posts about the alleged 100,000 wire transfer from Patsystan to Mohammed Atta reported in the Times of India do we really need?)
2M) Accuse the dissenters of dividing the movement (of course, Jon's divisive behavior must not ever be considered divisive)
2N) Accuse the dissenters of disrespecting/not supporting family members
2O) Claim that the dissenter needs to grow up
[quote="Jon Gold"]Grow up casseia. Either grow up, or find a new outlet that appreciates your kind of "work."[/quote]
2P) Demand that the dissenter "STOP LYING ABOUT ME"
2Q) If all else fails, support censorship, and when possible ban people who hurt Jon's feelings (or who refuse to go along with the script)

Well, Jon, you set yourself up for this. Yes, I know, I'm just lying about you and I'm really just an agent who only attacks you and keeps you from doing your hard work of finding the truth... :wink:

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wow, impressive analysis Keenan


The 11th Day of Every Month

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an excellent summary of the Gold found in the basement of Apartment 911B before its controlled demolition by Reprecensor...

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Excellent Analysis Keenan...

I'm impressed. Keep up the good work!

Jon Gold

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I second Lemonhoko

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you forgot one

his overtly sexual comments directed toward members of the opposite sex. he just got one approved over at the apt about how much he'd like to date Janeane Garafalo. there are better examples, but let's leave it at that.
excellent work, keenan. full of laughs.

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poor Janeane. i actually got her autograph during the 2004 democratic convention. I ran into her in Davis Square one night and asked her to sign my t-shirt which was homemade and said "Democratic my ASS" with the kicking donkey logo. she's definitely cool.

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What is this petty divisive

What is this petty divisive bullshit, seriously Casseia? Lets all attack each other GREAT IDEA, yea such fun being ineffective pathetic and self-defeating. Lets make blog posts about this person or that person and nitpick about pointless BULLSHIT - it’s such an effective way of getting Truth and Justice for 9/11!!!

I'm sickened by some of the garbage posted on this website, I like RT a lot and I share quite a few of his opinions on many things, also I think setting up this website was a great initiative of his. My problem with it is the counterproductive and divisive BULLSHIT being posted here.

For example this paranoiac nutball “Gretavo” and his batshit garbage posts;

Subtle Disinfo Watch - Dem Bruce Lee Styles Casts 911Blogger as the Victim of No-Planer Smear Campaign

Do you understand how completely LUDICROUS that is "Gretavo" you paranoid assclown? Clearly not, and for RT to have this joker post this type of bullshit here is frankly shocking. RT listen man I think it was bullshit that you were kicked of 911blogger, no one agreed with it!! The same thing happened simultaneously to Gold. The difference is Gold asked to be reinstated, and it seems you didn’t. That's all it really takes to be "unbanned", you just ask. Instead bro you've gone of on this completely unnecessary and illogical crusade against people who are fighting on the same side you are like some kind of martyred outcast. It's dumb dude, really. Use this site to be productive, not counterproductive. Stand alongside your 9/11 Truth brothers and sisters and be a force for unity not division!


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We're going to have to agree to disagree on this, DBLS

-- RT could not even get an admin to respond to several email requests to tell him WHY he was banned, let alone get reinstated.

-- I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that Gold is not what he portrays himself to be, in large part due to private emails I received from him.

Best wishes -- I will still be following your video work with enthusiasm.

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Um, I AM RT...

Sorry that wasn't clear. I am certainly not on the same side as Jon Gold, since his agenda is to pin 9/11 on everyone possible aside from (though he claims in addition to) Israel.

Your idea of unity is quite outdated. It was important back in the day but now that we are breaking through it's time to give the people a choice between the LIHOP BS pushed by Jon Gold and, well, the truth. You are entitled to think whatever you want of me and me of you. Hell, I would encourage you to talk about me as much as we talk about Jon Gold if indeed I'm such a damaging influence on the movement. Then maybe I too could be a "celebrity" in the movement like Nico Haupt!

But I know no one will, for the same reason that my site was never listed (though I asked) on the left hand column of 911B--people like me are simply ignored, until that isn't possible/effective, at which point they get laughed at. When that proves futile as well, we're attacked. And... well, you know the rest.

Best of luck to you, DBLS. I apologize if I've misjudged you or Jon Gold but I tried the unity thing and didn't like the terms it came with. Which truth movement will win? I guess all the truthers are going to have to step it up and compete with each other to find out--hey! there's a concept that works!

May the best truth win!

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there are some that want to

there are some that want to limit the questions and some with no limits to the question.. i think it makes it harder to find the truth when there are limits to what you can question...

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"Then maybe I too could be a

"Then maybe I too could be a "celebrity" in the movement like Nico Haupt!"

This is who you want to emulate? Batshit freak Nico? Christ man what the hell is going on here. Dude I consider you and Gold be on OUR side, we are ALL on the same side. Quit this divisive stupidity, make this site into something that helps to strengthen the movement, not divide it.

I also think that Israel was blatantly involved in 9/11, I think they had an involvement in 7/7 also possibly with Netanyahu being in town etc, seemed like the operatives who possibly planted the bombs under the trains etc might have been outsourced Israeli agents - like what may have been the case with 9/11. I fully advocate drawing the distinction between the average Jew and a scumfucker calling his or herself a Jew, while shitting on the Ten Commandments in the name of "Greater Israel". What the state of Israel has done and still does sickens me to the core.

But, you have to realize that saying "Zionist this", "Zionist that" can be just as counterproductive as omitting Israel from the 9/11 equation. It wasn’t just the Zionists, if anything the Zionists are acting like outsourced hitmen for the broader agenda, which involves the complicity of people from all nationalities. Is Bilderberg for example a "Zionist" organisation? No, it's an "Internationalist" organisation. The Zionists are a key part, but don't become fanatical about them like this dude, if anything to do so is to be simply inaccurate.

Also man this isn’t about your truth, my truth or Gold's truth. It's about the fact the "We still don't know the Truth about 9/11, and we should". It's about the fact that we're all fighting for the same thing - a real credible investigation into 9/11 and justice for it. It's about the fact that "United We Stand, Divided We Fall". Do you honestly want to contribute to the fall and division of the Movement? Because I don't think you do. Please be mature about this petty bullshit with Gold, rise above shit that you disagree with and find things which you AGREE on, find the common ground and build on it.

One for All, and All for One!


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We're on our way...

"Dude, I'll be the first to admit that I have done my fair share of instigating with certain individuals. People like Jim Fetzer, Nico Haupt, Real Truther, casseia, jpass, etc..."

You and me and jpass. Right up there with Uncle Fetz and the Anti-Christ. Do you think we could have one of those parody characters here for me? With a funny avatar -- like a horrified-looking pug maybe?

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I'm Famous

Where did this quote come from?

I love the 'people like...' part.

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From here:

truthaction forum
happiness is either here or nowhere

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LOL!!! That's the dbls I remember...

absolutely no fucking clue! Thanks for the laugh.

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Well, to be fair this confused a lot of people.

Not just DBLS, who probably hasn't read everything here and thus figured it out.

You gotta take your laughs where you can get them, though.

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I'm sorry for any offense if dbls is a friend of yours, cass...

but sounds like he knows enough to say, "For example this paranoiac nutball “Gretavo” and his batshit garbage posts;". Which, from what I know about dbls, is pretty much par for the course from the reading comprehension impaired tool.

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If I didn't know any better...

I would say that DBLS seems to be about 12 years old based on his immature gangster style of ranting and his reading comprehension (or lack thereof). But somehow I'm guessing that he must really be an adult with stunted verbal development or something. The thing is, I really enjoyed his video "What's the Truth". I'm just confused about how someone who writes like that can produce such a quality video.

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i get a similar vibe

from watching Loose Change and comparing it with the boyz' invariably bad live performances. Many of us will never forget how Milli Vanilli betrayed us. Well of course they lip sync in live performances, people said, but they DO sing the songs on the album...DUH. Uh huh... :)

I say this to DBLS and everyone else--UNITY SHMUNITY! I am who I am and I'm not going to change or moderate that because someone tells me that calling em like I see em is going to "hurt" the movement. As if. Are you all going to stop promoting Alex Jones because I think he hurts the movement? Didn't think so.

Only a very few people noticed or cared when I was banned unceremoniously from 911B. Now that 911B has been discovered to suck big balls, I'm suddenly discovered and asked to promote unity with the people who wanted me banned.

Bullshit. Jon Gold IS A SHILL. Jon Gold accuses me of being a bigot for raising questions about the official holocaust narrative when it is very obviously flawed. Jon Gold has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to anything outside the realm of his victims' families support a new investigation of Pakistan claptrap--he is a self-confessed äverage joe" who never took an interest in anything political before 9/11 and guess what? It shows.

Question everything.

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Guess that's why I like you, G...

You're an equal opportunity offender just like myself. Hell, my motto is - I'm not prejudice, I hate EVERYBODY. Give me time, I'll offend nearly anyone eventually... cause' the truth is a bitch. (Or, I'm just an asshole ;)

Rock on, brother.

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where do we go from here, jon?

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How about...

To the streets? If you can make the eleventh of every month, DO IT. If you can do better, DO IT. Stand outside your local media, and MAKE THEM cover you. Promote the best information possible, and do your best not to come across as a raving lunatic.

The United States and Israel are VERY close to having war with both Syria and Iran. We are expecting another "terrorist attack" in the coming months that will grant our "leader" America on a platter.

Do whatever it is you can do to make sure this does not happen, but do it within the confines of the law, and non-violently.

Jon Gold

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can't disagree with that

so I won't!