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For all its problems with the insincere among its ranks, the real truth movement is the one peopled by the vast, honest majority who believe the events of 9/11 must be subjected to the closest scrutiny possible if we are to learn from this dark chapter in world history. This site is for every real "truther" out there.


"If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth."

E. Martin Schotz

"I've had enough of someone else's propaganda... I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole."

Malcolm X

"I am a passionate seeker after Truth and a not less passionate enemy of the malignant fictions used by the "Party of Order", the official representatives of all turpitudes, religious, metaphysical, political, judicial, economic, and social, present and past, to brutalise and enslave the world; I am a fanatical lover of Liberty; considering it as the only medium in which can develop intelligence, dignity, and the happiness of man..."

Mikhail Bakunin

"Tell all the Truth but tell it slant-/Success in Circuit lies/Too bright for our infirm Delight/The Truth's superb surprise/As Lightning to the Children eased/With explanation kind/The Truth must dazzle gradually/Or every man be blind-"

Emily Dickinson

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New Al Qaeda Web Ad Threatens 'Big Surprise'

New Al Qaeda Web Ad Threatens 'Big Surprise'


See the Al Qaeda Web Ad Captured by ABC News


August 01, 2007 7:34 PM

Rhonda Schwartz Reports:

A new al Qaeda propaganda ad, headlined "Wait for the Big Surprise" and featuring a digitally altered photograph of President George Bush and Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf standing in front of a burning White House, was posted on the Internet today.

The brief clip from al Qaeda's "as Sahab" propaganda arm juxtaposes the doctored photo of Bush and Musharraf along with previously seen images of al Qaeda's top leadership -- Osama bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahri and Adam Gadahn -- as well as a photo of an SUV in a motorcade. (Oooooohhhhh. An SUV. In a Motorcade. Ooooohhhhh.)

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Sept 11, 2001 World Trade Center From the Point of View of a Filipino

9-11 was an inside job! (If you have any doubts, please read this http://wtc7.net/articles/kimball/thirdskyscraper.html and watch any videos here http://wtc7.net/videos.html )

To fellow Filipinos who have come across the 9-11 controversy, I would like to relate how I learned of the 9-11 truth movement. I am a Philippine citizen and resident. I have a master’s degree in Development Economics from the University of the Philippines and currently work in the IT industry.

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WTCDEMOLITION STRAW POLL - Who do you support as next prime minister of Israel? (Americans only need reply, please)

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Will the American voter consider Israel when electing the president?

Check the scores. Who's on their list of candidates? Who's not? Who on the list has announced their candidacy? Who hasn't?

The panel doesn't seem to think that Israel is on the agenda more now than before. Most believe Israel will not be a significant factor in the eyes of the voters, but do differ when it comes to specific sectors of the electorate.


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Any thoughts on Rupert?

the recent news spurred me to dig up this piece from Bollyn 2003:


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As if this wasn't part of the plan all along...

one of the long term goals of the 911 planners?
U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa
From Haaretz.com via Rawstory;

The United States has asked Israel to check the possibility of pumping oil from Iraq to the oil refineries in Haifa. The request came in a telegram last week from a senior Pentagon official to a top Foreign Ministry official in Jerusalem.

The Prime Minister's Office, which views the pipeline to Haifa as a "bonus" the U.S. could give to Israel in return for its unequivocal support for the American-led campaign in Iraq... more (full article via Rawstory)

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Rabbi Goldstein (Neturei Karta) Lecture on Zionism

Er, this works better... great lecture on the history of Zionism by one of Neturei Karta's rabbis.


"...The Muslim people basically got involved in the fight against zionism when it started affecting them on a political basis which is 1917 for the Palestinians or afterwards for some of the other Arab countries, We [religious Jews] were in this fight from 1890 roughly... As soon as it was founded [zionism], it was condemned - Jews came out and said this is atheistic, this is idol worship..."

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The Case for International Zionism As The Orchestrators of 9/11

The only logical conclusion that a reasonable person can arrive at is this: The 9-11 attacks, the anthrax murders, and numerous other foiled terror plots, were planned, orchestrated, financed, carried out, and covered up by the forces of international Zionism. What other logical explanation can there be? As incredible as this may seem, what other conclusion is there that can so neatly tie up all of the "loose ends" and mysteries related to 9-11? This is the only scenario into which the many pieces of the 9-11 jig-saw puzzle snap snugly together to reveal a clear image.

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Shayler implodes

I was browsing through 911B when I found a post on David Shayler claiming to be the messiah. The post made reference to a UK 911 forum:


Shayler had earlier claimed to be a member of British intel and spoke several times about 911. I think a lot of guys here (wtcdemo), to their credit, have previously identified him as a disinfo agent. As predicted by truthers, the shills would eventually go haywire - Shayler is now in self-destruct mode.

Here is a short background on Shayler from the Glastonbury Symposium where he talked of 911.

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Israel OKs US arms sale to Saudis

It's no surprise that we would ask for permission. So, I wonder why the title of the story was changed to "Israel signs off on U.S. arms sale to Saudis". Google shows that it was used as the original title.

"The proposed package comes with a serious sweetener for Israel: a 25 percent rise in U.S. military aid, from an annual $2.4 billion at present to $3 billion a year and guaranteed for 10 years."

Israel OKs US arms sale to Saudis - Mideast/N. Africa - MSNBC.comIn a break from historic Israeli opposition to US arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday his country understands Washington’s ...
www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20003692/ - Jul 29, 2007 - Similar pages

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BBC uses emotional blackmail to fend off critics of their continued lying about 9/11

"It was clear that there was a widely-held view that the continued questioning of every aspect of what happened on 9/11 was distressing to the relatives and that it made it difficult for them to reach closure."

The BBC and the Truth about 911
Dennis "galen" Mitrzyk and Peter Wakefield Sault
Sent by reader
Sun, 29 Jul 2007 06:57 EDT


The following exchange of emails between two critics of the BBC and a mouthpiece for that organization looks at the broadcaster's coverage of 911, specifically a documentary aired earlier this year entitled "The Conspiracy Files". The producer of the show, Mike Rudin, has this to say about what they found on his blog:

"We didn't find anything conclusive proving the conspiracy theories. Instead we found a lot of evidence which supported the official version and contradicted the various conspiracy theories."

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From the Amazon Forums

"Yes, I should willingly blame Jews for all problems.
-=Mike "

No, no, by all means blame "the Arabs" and "the Muslims"--that's the only way you're going to convince anyone to support murdering them by the tens of thousands in order to secure the oil that props up the value of your precious and much over-printed dollar!

When it's time to blame "the Jews" like it was before WW2, you'll know because that's when people like the Warburgs and Rothschilds will arm a guy like Hitler in order to scare Jews into fleeing to Palestine to use as cannon fodder for their imperial designs.

Did it ever occur to you that the elites in this world could care less who is what? That they simply pit the little people against each other in order to better lord it over them? In just the same way that it served the elites' purposes to fund Hitler and his persecution of Jews in Europe it today serves their purposes to perpetrate 9/11 and blame it on Muslims so as to turn the world against them.

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Who is Efraim Halevy?

But, as with all the other highly controversial policies he implemented during his five-year stewardship of Mossad between 1998 and 2003, Mr Halevy has no regrets about the uncompromising tactics he adopted against his enemies. "This is a wartime situation, and in war you need to take drastic measures to defeat the enemy," says Mr Halevy

He was the head of Mossad from 1998 to 2002 (his replacement took the position September 11, 2002)

Here is part of his Wikipedia entry:

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Guilty! - Of Historical Non-Conformity [NOTE: see comments for clarification on this story]

Another thought crime conviction. I see no need to post this on YT's 911b forum, despite the long discussion in the 911b censorship thread. Will this soon be joined by globalwarming denial, etc. In case you were unaware, (see reader comments at blog link, too):

German Environmentalist Sentenced to Prison for 1 Year - Guilty of Historical Non-Conformity!


Well-known German environmentalist Dr. Johannes Lerle, 55, has been sentenced by an Erlangen court to one year in prison for alleged "racial incitement."
The charge stems from his "public denial or minimizing of National Socialist atrocities in a manner designed to disturb the peace."

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Follow Up on ADL Spying Post At Truthaction

As a follow up to my post earlier describing recent espionage on Americans by the ADL, here is a description from Douglas Reed's book Controversy of Zion, completed in 1953, that shows that domestic spying by the ADL is nothing new... In case you're wondering what the ADL has to do with 9/11, I've pasted after the text from COZ an excerpt from the ADL's screed against 9/11 truth. Of course, as an agency determined to fight defamation, you would think the ADL might be concerned about Arabs being wrongly blamed for the attacks, but of course that is not the case...


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Real American vs. Immigrants

I think I'm in love. (Just don't tell my wife);)

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The Field Guide to Trolls -- Version 5.1

I thought y'all might want to see this. Fun and educational reading for the whole family.


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The Bestest No Plane at the Pentagon Photo

Here is the obvious NO PLANE AT THE PENTAGON AERIAL SHOT photo I mentioned last week on this blog. Check it out –

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Latest Controversies

First of all:

"Jewishness". Is that a word? This seems to be the theme of the day.

I'm curious:

What is a "jewish" person? Is it race? Is it religion?

Am I supposed to be defined by the fact that I'm Irish/Scottish/English and that my father's father was a Protestant?

My father is an agnostic; does that make me one too? (I am, incidentally;)

Seems silly in this day and age, what with advanced molecular biology and all.

We're all human beings, we're all cursed/blessed to live on this planet as she zooms through the universe. It's time to put aside all this race/religion nonsense.

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A Long Letter to the G man on Alex Jones, educational outreach suggestions, and Jesus as “self-hating” Jew

I didn’t want to take up a lot of text real estate in the conversation thread on this so I thought I would post this as a full blog.


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