Angerine baby

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Just me fillin it up again! :P
you might recognize this one,

measuring a summer's day
only find it slips away, to gray
the hours they bring me pain,
thinking how it used to be,
does she still remember times, like these
to think of us again, and i do,
Angerine, Tangerine,
living reflection, from a dream
she was my love, oh! she was my queen,
but now a thousand years between,
measuring a summers day, only find it slips away...
baby baby,
I don't think i can take it any, very much longer
i got to leave you when the summer comes a crawling,
leave you in the summer time.
baby, baby, baby i don't want to leave you,
but i ain't jokin no more, i gotta ramble,
and as we wind on down this road,
our shadows taller than our soul.
there walks a lady we all know
who shines white light and wants to show,
how everything still turns to gold
but if you listen very hard
the tune will come to you at last...