Minnesota Bridge Collapse Revisited

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When my bro got married a few weeks ago, I had a chance to hang out with my aunt and uncle from the Twin Cities (siblings, not spouses). The aunt is Aunt "Don't Tell Me I Killed Wellstone!" but I was curious about my uncle and had a few chances to talk to him. In particular, I wanted to ask him about Rep. Keith Ellison and the rumor that the bridge was in his district. He said he didn't think so (he's in St. Paul, btw, which is the smaller "twin" of Minneapolis). I finally got around to checking and guess what? The bridge certainly IS in Rep. Ellison's District 5. You can see an interactive Google map on his official site. Zoom in and look for the gap in I-35.

Now check out what Ellison had to say about 9/11 when he addressed a group in Minneapolis prior in early July (the collapse happened August 1).

He is, of course, the first Muslim to hold a seat in the House of Representatives. Two further items that I need to pin down are: did he really sit for an interview with Wolf Blitzer to discuss his comparison of 9/11 to the Reichstag fire on the SAME DAY that the bridge collapsed? And is his district home to the highest concentration of Muslims in the Twin Cities?

I blogged about this last summer when it happened -- especially about the bizarre television coverage we saw on the West Coast, when the local news was completely focused on the collapse and the national news (which would typically be redone for West Coast audiences when there was major breaking news) was eerily silent. My thought at the time was that they dared not say anything until they knew how their Supreme Overlords were going to want it spun. The fact that the spin was not pre-packaged and ready to trot out (Harley Guy: "And then I saw the bridge collapse, mostly because the buildup of pigeon shit was just too intense") made me wonder... what if this was an attack on an "uppity" Muslim from a group who did not arrange the cooperation of Americans ahead of time?

Edit: Holy shit... this was on CNN less than 2 hours before the collapse. Rep. Ellison does some uncomfortable-looking backpedaling when asked directly by Blitzer if he ever meant to imply that there was a "Bush-led conspiracy" leading to 9/11. This starts at about 3:50.