Find the missing endorsement.

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"Green Party Presidential Candidate Recognizes "The Shell Game"s Importance"

"Recently at a public event she held up a copy of a new novel by a NY Times best selling novelist, Steve Alten." <--- Taking it at face value, no questions asked, as usual.

Direct link.

Has Douglas lost it? Or am I wrong in thinking that equating holding up a book with a "recognition of importance" is, to be kind, a bit of a stretch?

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well, did she hold it up with one or two hands?

and was she smiling and looking at the book, or just kind of holding it at arm's length? these things matter!

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I heard...

the place where she was speaking had ran out of TP & the 'Shill Game' was the only suitable alternative available ;)

The flu's been going around ya' know...

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One of Alten's "many" 9/11 truth links in his book...

is to "Obsession" the movie? Can you confirm this, Cass?

I researched this movie when faux was hyping it & planned to air it. If this is true then Alten's cards are laid bare, he's, without a doubt, a Zionist Shill and anyone who pushes this blatant propaganda as 9/11 truth friendly is either a useful idiot or a paid Shill.

A little info on "obsession" the (Israeli propaganda) movie.