Zeitgeist the Movie: Attempted Zionist Heist of the Truth Movement?

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So a post on Truefaction by subtle disinfo shill "chrisc" got me thinking back to the good ol days at 911Blogger before the Purge of Summer 2007™--apparently I was banned from 911B shortly after posting stuff about the you-know-what-O-caust in the Zeitgeist film thread. 
Which I'm glad I was reminded of given that chrisc is pimping it again.  I think the following excerpt pretty much captures the essence of the problem.  Note that zeitgeistnyc (there's that New York City shill-O-meter alarm again!) who posted the  film to 911Blogger, never responded to my query about the strange omission of Larry Silverstein from the film...
Man I love rich-text... just look at these pretty boxes everywhere!

just to bring this back to the subject of 9/11

why did you omit any mention of Larry Silverstein? Do you think he was an innocent victim of someone's plan to demolish his newly leased buildings? How sinister!



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good question. this isnt an

good question. this isnt an attack zeitgeist, i honestly want to know, why no mention of him?

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Silence is a text easy to misread.

Some other peculiarities I noticed: Talk about controlled mass media -- shows only Rupert Murdoch; Talk about world bankers' interests in WW1 -- omits the Balfour Declaration; Talk about that which shalt not be talketh about -- presents the offical story as gospel. Doesn't require an awful lot of imagination to detect a pattern there, or does it?

Maybe there is an innocent explanation for this -- if so, let's hear it, zeistgeistnyc. And please take note that I wouldn't be that suspicious were it not for the amazing production value of your movie.

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