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The point of using LIHOP as a term in my mind is to make it clear that what it means is that those with the power to prevent 19 arab muslim hijackers from doing the bidding of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda were allowed to succeed. That's it. That is LIHOP as I use the term. For people to say at the same time that LIHOP should not be used AND that LIHOP means something different to them is silly. If they don't like the term LIHOP and they don't agree that it implies the veracity of the Islamofascist myth, then find a different term for what you DO believe and let me say LIHOP to mean what it has always meant. Unless of course you believe in the Islamofasicst myth of real suicide hijackers. Then you ARE LIHOP and you SHOULD be called out for your support of the racist OCT.

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