Latest Truth Developments at Harvard

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So on my way to my usual lunchtime vigil outside the heavily trafficked Harvard Science Center I passed by the offices of the Chemistry teachers.  A flyer on one of their personal bulletin boards next to the door to their office caught my eye--"Architects and Engineers" bla bla bla. I looked more closely and it was indeed a flyer advertising the Faneuil Hall conference coming up soon here in Boston.

As soon as I got my lunch and walked outside I saw the Ron Paul RLOVEUTION banner and spent a few minutes chatting with some truth friendly Ron Paul supporters.  I tipped them off also to the huge high school Model United Nations kickoff event in my own office's building, and on my way back from lunch made a big show of myself with my 9/11 TRUTH NOW sign walking into the building with the scores of dressed-up younguns who must have been ready to ask one of their chaperones to call security!  I littered the lobby where they were congregating and streaming in with glossy cards, and now all that is left is to wait for the seeds of truth to germinate in some of these young minds.


Folks, it bears repeating--we are WINNING.  BIG time.