911 Blogger's DZ to Refund "Server Fundraiser" Money

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I have received an email from a concerned user which contributed to our server upgrade fundraiser several months ago. I apologize for not providing further details regarding the delay in these upgrades sooner.

My initial quote for upgrading our servers to a dedicated server was approximately $150/month, however after trying to switch over to a dedicated server three weeks ago I was quoted instead approximately $225-250/month due to licensing fees which had not been factored in. As such I have decided to hold off on our server upgrades until we figure out a new course of action.

Anyone who contributed to this fundraiser and would like their money refunded please email me back with your email address and the amount of your contribution and I will be happy to refund your donation. Otherwise the funds will be put towards our existing server costs or further server upgrades if and when they occur.

I apologize again for the lack of communication.

Best wishes,