Loose Change Boys to Interview Barry Jennings?

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The description can only be of Jennings, the black middle-aged dude whose interview with a reporter has been widely seen in 9/11 documentaries mentioning the explosions in WTC7 (on the 7th floor, that blew him and Michael Hess, the corporation counsel, back into the 8th floor)

A coup for the boys, no doubt--who/what is SCI that hooked them up? Anyway, I know better than to get too excited about any breathless announcement from any 9/11 truth "celebs" but let's hope this is something worth hearing--maybe Jennings has lost his amnesia surrounding the events of that day...


Tomorrow on LTW Radio we're gonna broadcast clips from an interview we conducted last Tuesday before we headed to Bonnaroo.

Btw, many many thanks to Travis of SCI for hooking us up.

You've seen him before, in a news interview widely disseminated on the web, but you've never heard from him since. Until now.

He was working in WTC7 on 9/11. And he saw and experienced things that drive a giant nail through the coffin of the official story.