More Shenanigans at 911Blogger

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There's a blog post by none other than Carol Brouillet, famous in the movement for creating the "Bush did it" deception dollars.

She links to a movie, Severe Visibility, about the Pentagon attack. The movie itself is apparently a no plane at the Pentagon movie. The main character is a military dude who was somewhere where he would have seen the plane but he did not in fact see the plane, and can't bring himself to tell the foreign journalist (no doubt alluding to Thierry Meyssan) what he saw or didn't see.

In comments, "Chris" takes the opportunity to rub the whole Pentagon thing in Arabesque's face, which I would normally find entertaining. I clicked on the trailer for SV and watched it. Over and over it flashed in big letters "9/11/01 9:41 AM" in typical Hollywood style.

The focus on that--the time--was curious, and made me wonder if the whole point of all this attention was not in fact to buttress the notion that that was the time that the attack on the Pentagon actually occured. From Barbara Honegger's account we know that one of the anomalies at the Pentagon is the two clocks that were both stopped, presumably as a result of the initial blast, at 9:32 a.m. or thereabouts, not 9:41.

Perhaps I am being unfairly distrustful of anyone who has NOT like me been banned from 911Blogger. But perhaps not. :)

Whaddyall think?