Historical Parallels Between American and Israeli Settlement/Immigration

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It struck me recently just how similar Zionist and 20th century American tactics have been in the way that they seem to screw things up in other countries in order to promote immigration to their own countries.

As we know, Zionists actually went so far as to stage attacks on Jews living peacefully in Arab countries so as to convince them of the need to seek shelter in a "Jewish" homeland.

Americans, on the other hand, have made every effort to make life miserable in countries all over Latin America, from Chile to Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Haiti, and elsewhere--in each case causing immigration from those countries to the US to rise so that bonds are then formed between the home countries and the expat communities in the US, bonds that given the relative well-being of the people in the US compared to their compatriots left in Latin America, serve to undermine the national sovereignty and viability of the affected countries. The folks who flee to the US will in many cases if not most have no idea the role that their new homeland played in wrecking things in their own countries.