911 Blogger Happy to Promote Right Wing LIHOP Shills

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Gosh, this whole divorce is going to be easier than I thought. In addition to promoting tax evading gun nuts holing themselves up in their homes, 911B has seen a bunch of recent posts featuring this "downsizeDC" crowd tha--surprise!--is also linked to the gun lobby.

Now I know some people will like good troglodytes accuse me in knuckle dragging knee jerk fashion of just not "getting" how important gun ownership is to America.

They are wrong--I embrace the ammendment that allows us to arm ourselves, including with nuclear weapons (gotta keep the fight fair!) What I have a problem with is the way that so many in the truth movement have revealed themsleves to be either complicit in creating a controlled movement (much like the antiwar movement I abandoned for the 9/11 truth movement) or blind to the efforts so to do by others. Anyone who at this point promotes LIHOP or still thinks that Loose Change is some kind of magic elixir needs to wake up to the fact they are being played like fiddles and being led by the nose.

I guess the difference between AJ type libertarians and anarchists at heart like RT is that RT is fine with whatever you think as long as you came to it independently and it is not based on factually inaccurate info.

The Downsize DC Conference Call is sponsored by DownsizeDC.org and Gun Owners of America, so of course, we'll have a GOA Update as well. http://www.911blogger.com/node/9396