Paul Craig Roberts Jumps the Shark

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By associating himself with Michael Savage, Paul Craig Roberts has definitively exposed his true colors as a fake truther. While his appearance on Savage's radio show was cheered by fake truther Alex Jones, it is more interesting to watch Savage's Zionist friends try to make sense of it all. We in the real truth movement may well be the only people who understand what it means. :)

February 27, 2014, - 6:15 pm

Michael Savage Hosts Jew-Hater Whack Job, Silent as “Expert” Blames US Foreign Policy, Ukraine Probs on Jews w/ “Dual Israel Citizenship”; Susan Rice a “NeoCon”

By Debbie Schlussel

It’s scary that a major nationally syndicated radio show constantly plays host to the most anti-Semitic, crazy whack jobs on the right and presents their nutty anti-Semitic world views as “expertise.” But that’s what’s happening more and more on Michael Savage’s nationally-syndicated show on Cumulus’ ABC Radio stations. Today, Savage hosted anti-Semite Paul Craig Roberts, who is as loony as they come. Savage said nothing as he let Roberts go on and on and on about how U.S. foreign policy is run by “neocons many of whom have dual Israeli citizenship.” He included in this group, Obama far-lefty Susan Rice.

Susan Rice is a neoconservative? Only if you are clueless. She has dual Israeli citizenship? Really? That’s funny, since she’s extremely anti-Israel. But that’s what happens when a talk show host with no scruples has no prob presenting a former Assistant Treasury Secretary for a very brief period of time in the first Reagan Administration as a foreign policy expert when he has no foreign policy expertise whatsoever, unless you count “Blame the Jews!” as a foreign policy. It’s even scarier that Roberts has a nationally syndicated column from Creators Syndicate to spout this stuff on a weekly basis around the world. That is the same organization that syndicates Michelle Malkin’s column. Ask her why she’s never said anything about her neo-Nazi colleague. (Well, with her, as I’ve noted before, it’s always, “no dolla, no holla.”) And it’s disturbing that neither Savage, nor Creators, nor Malkin cares that Roberts also writes a syndicated column for Iran’s Press TV. Yup, the Shi’ite Al-Jazeera only far worse. And that’s not to mention Roberts’ column on the openly anti-Semitic, far left, deceptively named “Veterans Today” website. He wrote in his syndicated column, “When the world looks at America, what it sees is an Israeli colony.” Does Michael Savage endorse this crap? Yes, and he’s given it a frequent forum on his show.

And since Roberts claims that the neo-cons who run U.S. foreign policy have dual Israeli citizenship, I’d like him to name one who does. He cannot. Along with Susan Rice, he named misguided Iraq war supporters Paul Wolfowitz–who does not have Israeli citizenship but does have a Saudi Muslim girlfriend–and Douglas Feith, who also doesn’t have Israeli citizenship. But both of ‘em possess the real characteristic Roberts was getting at and which he despises: they are Jews. Jews In Name Only. But Jews nonetheless. And he has a prob with the Jews, a problem now apparently endorsed by Michael Savage. It’s obvious and well known to anyone who’s read a sampling of Roberts’ stuff. Here’s who also controlled U.S. foreign policy: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc. And guess what? No Israeli citizenship. Just Israel-hatred on the part of the latter two.

This isn’t a first for Savage on the Jew-hating front.

He’s presented and himself embraced more and more anti-Semitic garbage and conspiracy theories implicating Jews on his show amidst other far more reasonable material. Yes, I know he’s Jewish, but so is HAMAS lawyer Stanley Cohen. It’s a distinction without a difference in these cases. I thought Savage wasn’t that kind, but lately he’s shown me I thought wrong. I was on his show a few times several years ago and he was on the right side against jihad and extremist Muslims, but he’s changed for the worse with this Jew-hating crap he lets air on his show with his hearty approval. It’s the same kind of Jew-hating baloney I would hear on the Arab street, whether in Cairo, Egypt or Dearbornistan, Michigan.

I had hoped Savage was better than this. But clearly he isn’t. He made no objection and wholeheartedly agreed with Roberts’ spouting of absolutely insane rantings. I felt like I was at a Ron Paulistinian gathering, 9/11 Truther conspiracy theory confab, or neo-Nazi convention listening to this idiocy. Or a 9/11 conspiracy theory reunion festival. Because those used to be the only places this crackpot stuff got an airing. Now, it’s moved to radio’s prime time: drive time on ABC Radio’s top stations. I was warned by readers, after Savage moved to Cumulus stations, that he was making all kinds of anti-Israel, anti-”Jewish bankers” kinds of statements. And I was skeptical of those reports. But I listened to his stuff and it is concerning. It’s the same kind of thing I’d hear in Ukrainian amidst the Neo-Nazi-led protesters in Kiev.

What happened to Michael Savage? I don’t know. But clearly, something went wrong. He forgot where he came from and is embracing the craziness of Jew-hating websites and writers like Roberts and Alex Jones. And if he’s embracing those kinds of vicious, crazy Jew-haters, what makes him any different from the far left?

Or any less dangerous and disturbing?

Having a thick, Yiddish-tinged New York accent doesn’t make this stuff okay.

The Savage Nation now has way too much in common with the Aryan Nation.

If you have no problem with Paul Craig Roberts, you should have no problem with Joseph Goebbels. Different eras, same old Jew hate. [end quote]

Yes, she's talking about the same Michael Savage who said this on 9/11/01:

Maybe fake truther Mark Dice helped bring him around to, um, his cause?