Explosive Demolition is NOT an Opinion, it is a Fact

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The following comment tells us what we need to know about the current state of the truth movement:

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Conspiracy Theories are Opinions
"Inside Job" and "It was Controlled Demolition" and "Al Qaeda was a CIA Cutout" and "Osama Didn't do It" are all opinions--OK for the Op-ed page where they are weighed according to the credibility of the person who asserts them.

"We Were Lied To" is an irrefutable fact provable to journalistic standards.

"The Widows' 300 Questions got 27 Answers" is an irrefutable fact provable to journalistic standards.

"Condoleezza Rice Lied Under Oath at the 9/11 Hearings" is an irrefutable fact provable to journalistic standards.

Abby does well to stick to the world of journalistic fact. If more of us had done so instead of racing for the proof of inside job, our movement for truth and justice for 9/11 might have more traction than it does.

Ace Acme on Fri, 03/07/2014 - 9:37pm.


Somehow, some people like "Ace Acme" and his upvoters haven't been able to process that David Chandler's work proves conclusively that explosives and/or incendiaries were used to bring down the towers. To continue to claim that this is an opinion as opposed to a fact (whether or not you agree that it is a true fact) is simply untenable at this point.

The story is as old as this site: the truth movement is saddled with dishonest players who range from those who admit demolition occured but do so obnoxiously and with weak arguments, and those pushing the LIHOP (the Bush administration let it happen on purpose) theory. For years, for example, Jon Gold has been dismissing "demolition theories" as speculative, based on weak or non-existent evidence, or as an opinion as (in)valid as any other. He and others have insisted that the movement should focus on truly speculative and unprovable claims like the assertion that Bush had so many warnings of al Qaeda's plot he can only have decided to let it proceed unimpeded.

Anyone with eyes to see, however, can understand that arguments like Chandler's and AE911truth's, being based on objective facts and analysis, that don't purport to know who exactly was responsible, are THE way to open people's minds to reality. Judging by how little the movement's real leaders (Chandler, Griffin, MacQueen) or rising contributors like Adnan Zuberi (9/11 in the Academic Community) and Massimo Mazzucco (The New Pearl Harbor film) seem to frequent that site, I'd say that the movement is growing in a very healthy direction, and most definitely away from LIHOP and other long discredited theories.

Then there are these laughable comments:

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benefit of the doubt versus alienation
The infighting we're doing reminds me of all the people we've alienated, wholly or partly, from 911Blogger. Some of these people are sorely missed. Some of them may have instigated alienation themselves. But there was a lot of brainpower and knowledge in these people.

LeftWright, SnowCrash, Jim3100, loose nuke, Graeme MacQueen... are the first five names that come to mind.

Some of these, such as Graeme MacQueen, might be said to be "less actively involved" than previously, rather than actually finished with 911Blogger.

I do not oppose criticism from within, except especially where it destroys the aim of discovering the facts of 911.

I am not an expert on Abby Martin's viewpoints, but what I have watched of her RT show has seemed valuable to discovering said truth.

If she has back-pedaled under pressure, it seems wisest to give her the benefit of the doubt at present, and see where it goes from here.

Although I do like to see what is redeemable in people, this is not about that. It is more about keeping Abby around and on our side. She has the power to help us.

Satyakaama on Mon, 03/10/2014 - 5:09am.
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I left 911Blogger years ago because of stuff like this...I had to request my password the other day just to get in to reply to Abby's statement...that's how long it's been. I know TONS of us that left at different times for different reasons, and some just because they have moved on and/or evolved etc. Infighting anywhere sends me on my way, it is a waste of time and energy that can be better spent actually getting Truth out.

What the truth movement is not understanding here WRT Abby, in part ,is the attack on her in the media is calculated, just not for the obvious and/or journalistic reasons...and the media is winning..so far...IMHO...more to come.

Cheri Roberts on Mon, 03/10/2014 - 5:13pm.

Except for Macqueen, everyone mentioned above was a member of the truthaction.org clique that also included YT/Cosmos, Jon Gold, Jimd3100, John Bursill, and Zombie Bill Hicks. Truthaction and its content have disappeared from the internet and except for Jon Gold who has glommed onto Cindy Sheehan in a last ditch effort to spread his LIHOP gospel to... well, anyone who will still listen, those people all seem to have skipped town, left their sinking ship--pick your metaphor. And instead of saying 'good riddance', we have some holdouts invoking their names as they attempt to salvage whatever credibility Abby "friends with Mark Dice and Alex Jones until I wasn't" Martin migh have left after throwing her erstwhile movement under the bus in one of the most obviously desperate gambits since 'New York Times bestselling author' Steve Alten's pulp LIHOP novel The Shell Game was pimped as our great hope.

Calls for unity and the cessation of infighting are great except when they are made by disruptors trying to protect their limited hangouts, as they have been routinely in the 9/11 truth movement. Let us hope that the current trend continues and that the liars and operatives who have plagued us for so long are finally starting to realize that their efforts are doomed to fail and that if they want to avoid prosecution themselves they best follow truthaction's example and just leave the real truth movement alone. Because we, the real truthers, are in this for the long haul.