Runway 69 - The Musical?

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Yes indeed. Learn more about another Runway 69 and its possible connections to 9/11 here:

Runway 69

Runway 69

Music, Lyrics & Original Concept by Erin Kamler
Book & Lyrics by Carson Kreitzer

Neon lights, bodies silhouetted against the smoky glow, the seductive
stare of G-string clad girls who’ve seen it all: the chaos, the
illusion, the gritty reality of a city about to transform… Runway 69
is the provocative story of one of the raunchiest strip clubs in
mid-1990’s Times Square, and the lives of the men and women who work

Fleeing her grey, flat, factory hometown in Michigan, Michelle gets
herself into college against all odds, and lands in the big city with
big dreams but no money. In search of a waitressing job to pay the rent,
Michelle defiantly ventures into Runway 69, where Jesse the D.J. pulls
her through the club’s enticing black doors. Inside, Michelle meets The
Runway Girls: Pinky, a spicy Latina single mother; Opium, a tiny Korean
spitfire; Kitten, a tough young African-American from Queens; Sapphire,
ex-Nice-Jewish-Girl with a chip on her shoulder and a degree from NYU;
and Josmine, the fiery West African Queen of the club. Michelle stands
up to Richie, the club’s Mafioso owner, and lands herself a job as a
cocktail waitress.

In no time, Michelle becomes part of the Runway family, learning the
ropes of a business where customers are treated like kings—as long as
they keep the green coming—and strippers live wild and heartbreaking
lives. Michelle keeps herself safe and out of the spotlight hustling
drinks, putting away money for the coming semester. But Michelle’s big
dreams take a beating on her first day of school, when she is propelled
into the jarringly elite world of cashmere sweaters, trust funds and
parents who pay for everything. Feeling painfully out of place, Michelle
returns to Runway 69. She’s made a decision: she won’t be made
Invisible. She wants the Spotlight.

Onstage for the first time, Michelle feels a rush of excitement. Lap
dances, hustling customers and dancing give her a thrill and sense of
power unlike anything she’s known. And then there’s the money… lots and
lots of money, for the first time in her life. But the money’s not the
most seductive thing in the place… she finds herself increasingly drawn
to the beautiful, haunted, magnetic Josmine.

Michelle befriends one of her customers, Dave, who seems different— a
real nice guy. In fact, he is an undercover cop, sent in to close the
strip club and clean up Times Square. Entangled in city politics and an
increasingly complex relationship with Josmine, who comes from a world
she can never understand, Michelle realizes she’s fallen in too deep.
The club is going down. Will Michelle go with it?
Runway 69

1. Underworld 5. Put My Spell On You
2. Playground of New York 6. Wings
3. Cashmere Sweater Set 7. This Is My Times Square
4. Take It Off 8. Goodbye Times Square