Jacob Appelbaum speaks to EU on NSA and electronic confidentiality

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Jacob Appelbaum is an independent computer security researcher and hacker. He was employed by the University of Washington,and is a core member of the Tor project. Appelbaum is known for representing Wikileaks at the 2010 HOPE conference. He has subsequently been repeatedly targeted by US law enforcement agencies, who obtained a court order for his Twitter account data, detained him 12 times at the US border after trips abroad, and seized a laptop and several mobile phones (intro above is from wikipedia)

Here is a talk he gave in the EU about NSA's spying on everyone.


It is noteworthy that he has left the US and now resides in Germany to escape harassment by the government.

I picked up on the video based on a comment to an article in The Guardian "The Snowden files: why the British public should be worried about GCHQ". When the Guardian offered John Lanchester access to the GCHQ files, the journalist and novelist was initially unconvinced. But what the papers told him was alarming: that Britain is sliding towards an entirely new kind of surveillance society