Israeli Parents Dress Their Children as Twin Towers for Purim

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Kid's Purim Costume Idea: The Burning Twin Towers?

Seven-year-old twins premiere their homemade costumes in Israel

By: Ashley Baylen
Published: February 22nd, 2013 in Culture » Society » News

Purim has begun, and just like with Halloween, children
around the world are proudly parading around in their inventive costumes. This
is one of the best times of year for our youngin’s- dressing up, going to
parties, playing with friends, and playing make-believe… but what about the
poor kids that are used as models for their parents distasteful creative

Enter Ilay and Nehaoray, seven-year-old twins from Israel
whose parents “playfully” decided to dress their children up in famous twin costumes: the
Twin Towers. Not only are the kids dressed as the famous New York City
buildings, they are fashioning the structures while on fire… with the planes sticking
out of the side right near the children’s eye holes.
Popular news website Ynet originally posted the image, with
the headline “Twin Towers and other costumes this Purim.” After several
commenters remarked about how the title was almost as distasteful as the
costume itself, the publication chose to remove it.