From the Department of Fake Truthing and Wishful Thinking: Is the Truth Movement Dead?

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A recent post on Portland Indymedia wistfully asks:

"Is the end of the so called "911 truth movement" at hand? Not counting the loons that claim Sandy Hook is a hoax, all that's left is one balding architect pushing his non-profit to pay his bills"

Well friends, fellow truth seekers, and assorted fakers, the answer is a qualified 'NO'.  Or "YES', depending on your definition of 'the 9/11 truth movement'.  If your definition is the 'big tent' definition that generously includes anyone and everyone claiming to be dedicated to exposing the truth about 9/11, then it is 'mostly dead' in that it has been trying to very publicly commit suicide since around September 12, 2001.  If instead you only count those folks who are genuinely trying to expose the truth and/or questions surrounding 9/11, then the answer is that it is 'mostly alive'.  Meaning that those of us who got into this vowing never to give up, and never to turn our backs on the defining moment in our lives as moral individuals and responsible world citizens, have in fact not done so.  In it for the long haul means just that--it doesn't mean expecting victory just around the corner, it doesn't mean 'moving on', or 'getting on with our lives'.  9/11 truth is a part of our lives forever and will contribute to defining how we live until we die, and how we will be remembered after that.  Sure, there will be periods when we appear to be inactive or silent, when we are genuinely sick of dealing with the parade of clowns and liars that cling to us like poo on fur, when we click cancel instead of posting yet another link that will be ignored by our friends on Facebook.  This does not mean that we aren't still regularly having conversations with people, that we aren't still leaving informative materials in our wake, that we don't contribute some 9/11 truth to online discussions in direct or indirect ways.

In the coming days I intend to publish a series of reflections on the current state of affairs.  This will be part of a renewed commitment to clarify for anyone reading what is real and what is fake in the 9/11 truth movement.  This will be done not simply to send a message to the perps and their helpers (esp. the fake truthers) that their work will never be finished, but to leave, for posterity, as succinct and illuminating account as possible of a genuinely fascinating study in human behavior.  Currently registered users on this site are encouraged, as ever, to take part in this dissection by commenting or by blogging themselves.  Those not registered who would like to contribute commentary or observations are encouraged to send their feedback to for consideration.  If your comments are respectful and mature, regardless of whether they are supportive of our views or not, they will most likely be published.

Best wishes to all real truthers,