South Sudan Revisited...

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Just happened upon this, not sure what it could mean...




The most-visited source of information about the governing party of South Sudan  the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement  is a phishing site. Check SPLMToday’s old home page (archived Dec. 10, 2007 at and see how many clues you can spot!
[1. The site banner reads “Sudan People Liberation Movement.”]

On file:  Unsolicited correspondence from Robert Wong, Deputy Political Counselor, Dept. of State, U.S. Embassy in Khartoum, to MIT Crime Club (Jan. 16, 2008).  “Please understand we are neutral in this, but are very curious about this claim (which I take very seriously).”

A week after Wong received our reply, the phishing code disappeared.

MIT Corporation says the Institute must make an exception to its policy on matters not affecting its core mission and must take “action” toaddress crime in Sudan.  Press Release (2007).

Update.  The site banner now reads “Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement.”  Cute...  The SPLM has been forcefully disputing Islamists’ assertions that the Republic of South Sudan is an unstable composite of tribal “peoples.”

All sites derived from or are controlled by an unhappy Islamist group.