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November 9 is National U.S. Emergency Alert System (EAS) Test
Day - Are We Ready, Get Set, Are We Re
"During the test, you may hear a message indicating that "THIS IS A
TEST" however visual indications may not indicate a test. The reason for
this, is that they are using a "live" national code that would actually
be used during an event. The test is anticipated on lasting about 2
min., however there is no time limit for national EAS alerts."


Associated Press
BAGHDAD (AP) -- The U.S. is abandoning plans to keep U.S. troops in Iraq past a year-end withdrawal deadline, The Associated Press has learned. The decision to pull out fully by January will effectively end more than eight years of U.S. involvement in the Iraq war, despite ongoing concerns about...

forbid something should happen between now and then to cause them to
have to go back on their noble intentions! Thank heaven to Betsy that we
will soon have the first national test of the United States Emergency
Alert System! I haven't felt quite safe since they stopped publishing
the color-coded terror level, to be frank.

Associated Press
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's president on Saturday began the process of formally pardoning hundreds of Palestinian prisoners who are to be exchanged for an Israeli soldier held by Gaza militants for five years.

a legal prison break!
ominous...! surely these noble freedom fighters are going home to their
loving families who will occupy them into old age with their common
domestic foibles. they will not be blowing up any planes. they may
hijack our hearts with their joyful tears at seeing their family in
freedom for the first time in forever but that is all they will hijack.
on television.