regarding no plane at the pentagon,

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this email came to my attention recently....

From: J Zylman
Date: 6/25/2011 11:09:43 AM
Subject: RE: [libertyundergroundtalk] Orwellian Redefinition


On 9/11 I was on the third floor of the Longworth house Office building, looking out over the Pentagon, with the whole sky south of the building in view, including straight up.  There was no plane anywhere.  Then a large column of black smoke billowed up from the far side of the Pentagon.  Incidentally, it was the very spot where Masonry Arts of Bessemer, AL, had been stopped from continuing its hardening of  the Pentagon – the President of the firm told me a short time before that they had been told to stop and the Pentagon would call them when it was time to resume.

When I tell this to liberals, especially Unitarians, they just look blank.  No questions.   No brains working.

When the govrment and media tell the Ameridcdan people something, they believe it.  Everyone else is a conspiracy theorist.  And note that the govrnment’s explanation is --- a conspiracy theory!!!

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