Back to your regular programming: Dude accused of planned attack at Ft. Hood is a Muslim

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"According to a law enforcement official, among the items found in Private Abdo’s room at the time of his arrest were a military uniform with Fort Hood patches, a pistol, shotgun shells and an article on 'how to make a bomb in your kitchen' from the English-language Qaeda magazine Inspire. He also had more than one wall clock, a cellphone, duct tape and a shopping list for what appeared to be explosive components, the official said."

How many of us have some of the above items at home right now?

"How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom" issue of al Quesadilla English language mag in the big hard drive pile with all the other internet ephemera: check.
More than one wall clock: check.
Cellphone: check.
Duct tape: check.
Shopping list in semi-decipherable handwriting: check.

The other stuff (minus the pistol and shotgun shells, which I believe many red-blooded Amurikuns possess -- I don't) is a little sketchy, to be sure. The child porn which he was previously charged with possessing is very bad, obviously.

It is not outside of the realm of possibility that a crazy/disgruntled/otherwise motivated person might actually put together the materials for a mass shooting. To do so is clearly a more realistic goal than piloting a jetliner at high speed into a relatively small target. It *could* be for real. It probably isn't.

In terms of our constant project of swimming against the mainstream historical narratives, however, isn't it interesting that within a week of the Great Norwegian Mind Fuck of 2011, someone has tried to switch our collective channel back to the Islamoterrorism Show?