Reclaiming your Government

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The article below shows how truth about election cheating by our former President Gloria Arroyo is now surfacing. None of this would have happened while she was president, or had her anointed successor gotten the presidency after she stepped down. Thankfully the Philippine constitution allows only one term as President.

The first step to this was that majority of voters choose a candidate who vowed to prosecute corruption, and that included the ex president who was widely rumored to be corrupt but was never in danger of an investigation during her reign. The Philippine population overwhelmingly voted for Nonoy Aquino in the following election, making it impossible for Gloria Arroyo's election cheating machinery to change the outcome in favor of Gilbert Teodoro, her successor who placed very low. There were other presidential contenders, but any of those others would probably have collaborated with Arroyo to keep her off the hook, for the right price. Since her family has amassed wealth during her term, buying favors would not have been her problem.

Believe me, there was a time when seeing Gloria face justice was almost as hopeless as seeing 9-11 truth come out. Gloria has padded the supreme court totally in her favor, and even the Obudsman which investigates crimes by government officials were her rabid defenders. Now that we have changed presidents, the people who used to manipulate elections for Gloria Arroyo are coming out with their testimony against her. It is now a matter of time, I think, before she faces court and goes to prison.

The key to to this was the people coming together to reject Arroyo. I think the US can do the same and vote for real change in the future.