Truthaggedon - Coming soon?

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With the caveat that this may sound like doomshillery (because in a way it is,) I wonder if people had any thoughts on the idea that someone may be determined to effect major losses to the credibility of thw "9/11 Truth Movement".  Here's a comment I left recently at Willyloman's blog:


I don’t think I can take credit for coining “Truthaggedon” (or however it’s spelled) but whether or not it’s realistic to think that the fake truthers could suicide their credibility and take all the real truthers with them on the occasion of the tenth anniversary I think we should never miss an opportunity to make predictions based on what we expect the fakers to do so as to deepen our understerdanding of their agenda. In this case I think it’s pretty clear that the psychological weight given to a tenth anniversary (of anything) isn’t something that the fakers can allow to pass without some kind of push. Those of us who agree that there is a huge problem of fakers involved in infiltration and sabotage of the truth movement need not agree on anything else to work towards the goal of clarifying as much as possible for the interested lay person, and we need not stop doing that regardless of what the perps and their apologists have in store.


Alex and Steven Jones, Charlie Sheen, Mark Dice, Michael Ruppert, et al... many figures I consider clearly ill-intentioned have been needling their way back into the spotlight in the run up to the 10th.