Boston Herald Contributes to New Coverup Story Arc

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Here we go... Brought to you in full technicolor rich
text html! I like the 19 Saudi thugs line. I like the Judge
Hellerstein quote about money being the universal lubricant (insert
crude joke here). Man if that's not a "jew-hater"-baited hook I
don't know what is. I wonder if this new story arc was the reason
we saw the wikipedia edit story about American cliaming its planes
never flew that day. This seems a way of turning the 9/11 debate
into something hard for truthers to join in effectively on.
Theatre in the court, llike the Moussaoui trial. Don't question
ANY victims' family members, say the goons... Just so everyone
knows the Herald is regarded as little better than the NY Daily Post

9/11 victims’ kin keep up fight

Suit pressed vs. Logan

By Joe Dwinell


Three dozen families of 9/11 terror attack
victims are vowing to turn the national spotlight back on Logan International
Airport security lapses in a federal courtroom and say they’ll head to a
mediation session tomorrow with no intention of settling.

“At least I have to try. I’m a father,” said Mike Low, whose 28-year-old
daughter Sara Elizabeth Low was a flight attendant on American
Flight 11 and had just moved into a Beacon Hill apartment before she was killed
as the hijacked jet slammed into the World Trade Center in New York.

Low said he is hoping a series of full-blown trials set to begin later this
month will finally “disclose facts why 19 Saudi thugs were allowed to murder our
loved ones.”