Clueless or What? Accusations of Anti-Semitism Nix DRG's Appearance in Ireland

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As noted in an article on 911b, Morgan Stack, who had arranged this appearance of David Ray Griffin on September 11, had his venue contract revoked yesterday, due to the threat of protests by "Jewish groups". Now, my initial response to this was to file it in the same place I put the account of globalresearch's problem with the ADL -- that is, as intimidation carried out by those able to erroneously conflate 9/11 Truth and hatred of Jews.

But check it out: Morgan Stack appears to be at the least a very sloppy user of the English language, or an actual anti-Semite. And here is what he made himself a target of: an article by a very pissed off indymedia user citing anti-Semitism on his website:

indymedia ireland

Effectively, Stack gave this writer a great opportunity to perpetuate the stereotype of the Truth movement as anti-Jewish through and through (and mention no planes and DEW in the process. Yay.) He says, "Stack is a perfect example of the idiocy these people spout" and based on the material he has lifted from Stack's site and included, I would agree that he is spouting some idiocy. (Q. What's worse than Truthers obsessed with numerology? A. Anti-Semitic Truthers obsessed with numerology derived from Jewish traditions, holidays, etc.) Stack's site is

I titled this article "Clueless or What" because in situations like this, I always have to speculate about motive. Is Stack a hateful person, misdirecting criticism at all the adherents of a religion? Or does he just play one on the internet, screwing things up for the rest of us who would like to sanely address the role of Zionism in 9/11?