Dennis Kucinich and Press for Truth - LIHOP Limited Hangout Dream Team?

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The above post at 911B (I guess this is what I'm going to have to do if I'm banned) is about pushing Press for Truth along with Kucinich's "limited" investigation into 9/11.

Having been a Kucinich supporter in 04 and learned the hard way ($500 worth) that he cannot be counted on, I feel that what it looks like is that the limited hangout LIHOP film press for truth can probably shed some light on what Kucinich's investigation will entail. Remember, Kucinich is the Democrats' official lefty, meaning his job seems to be to draw in all the folks who feel let down by the democrats by giving them false hope that he can move the party back into some semblance of an opposition.

As such he seems perfectly suited for this latest mission to make it look as if the Democrats are dutifully investigating 9/11 when in fact what is more likely is that they will trot out the story of "funding of the attacks by Pakistan" which on its face is so absurd a notion that one has to wonder who they think they will fool. Judging by some of the regulars on 911Blogger, it seems they are counting on the illusion of support and consensus of a bevy of fake truthers in order to pin the blame for 9/11 on either Pakistan or the Bush administration as a way of preventing the real truth from being known. The real truth, it seems, is that Israel played an important if not THE most important role in making 9/11 happen.

Zionists excel at dividing people and in this case instead of a unified America learning that 9/11 was indeed the work of a foreign power that infiltrated our government with the stealing of the 2000 election by BushCo and his merry band of neocon artists, they want Americans to argue incessantly about whether or not "Bush blew up the towers" or "let the hijackers succeed".

I can't stress how dangerous it is to let this plan succeed. More than ever we need to stand strongly in defense of the real truth movement and against the thoroughly infiltrated "mainstream" truth movement whose interests clearly lie far afield of the truth.