What it Means to Be Chosen - By Psychopathic Elites

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I am actually much more interested in seeing the truth about 9/11 come out than the holocaust. That said, I lean towards the belief that however nasty the Nazis were, they did not "epitomize evil". They were racist. They were brutal. They were frighteningly talented in many ways. Demonizing them to the extent that alleging an actual plan to exterminate all of Europe's Jews on their part does, however, is a deliberate distortion that serves a specific interest--that of Zionism.

I realize that at first all of this smacks of Nazi apologia, but please understand that all of us who get to this point have been where you are. In fact we absolutely must be on guard lest the correction of the historical record lead us to forget that indeed Nazi Germany was no better than any other imperialist European power--that is the mistake that neo-Nazis make. This is unfortunate in many ways of course, but not least because it is essential to understand the true nature of the evils of Nazism in order to see the relevant similarities to Zionism that help us to understand exactly why the Zionist political movement cannot be allowed to use the legitimate issue of genuine Jewish suffering during WW2 as a shield. The more they do, the more they emulate and in some ways even transcend Nazism.

The events of WW2 have to be seen in context to make sense, and that context is never really taught appropriately in mainstream circles. The context includes the nature of "world Jewry" in the decades preceding the rise of the Nazis. One of the most important things to understand is that the world's Jews were not just geographically diverse, but also very markedly socio-economically stratified. What does this mean? It means in essence that despite the Zionists' dreams (and however well-meaning they may have been) Jews were not in any real way "one people". There were Jews of varying races and ethnicities. There were urban Jews and rural Jews. There were Jews living in countries where emancipation had been thorough and successful and there were Jews living in countries where they had not been emancipated and suffered under special laws and local prejudices.

At the very pinnacle were of course a small but siginificant number of extremely successful Jews. Not simply professionals who had done well under emancipation, but individuals who through their involvement in banking had accumulated great wealth and had naturally become influential on a global political scale. Like any elites, they were not as a rule particularly ethical, nor had they prior to the rise of political Zionism in the late 19th century seemed particularly concerned about the welfare of their less fortunate correligionists.

Where things begin to get murky are during WWI and soon after with the Bolshevik overthrow of the Tsar in Russia. The troubling nature of the debate seems to stem from the fact that the proletarian revolution included a number of prominent Russian Jews, most notably Leon Trotsky. In this light the seemingly odd connection between modern neoconservatives and Trotskyism begins to make more sense. As do the links between anti-communism (read fascism) and anti-semitism. At the same time, mainstream historians have traditionally downplayed the influence of the economic elite over President Wilson. Included among these are of course the American Rockefellers but also the European/American Warburg and European Rothschild banking families, the latter two of whom identified as Jews. Not only were these elites involved in the creation of the federal reserve system that served to undermine American democracy and political sovereignty, but they were also instrumental in bringing America into WWI on the side of Britain against Germany and their Turkish allies (who at the time held Palestine.)

What should becoming clear, and here I have to stop to pick the thread up later, is that we are not talking about a Jewish conspiracy by any means. We are in fact talking about a conspiracy of elite wealth and control versus popular democracy and freedom. On the one hand are the elites who have the means to influence developments on a globally coordinated scale. On the other are the masses of people who are used as pawns in the scheme. That the world's Jews were chosen to play a major role in these events is evident. What is also evident is that they were not consulted before decisions were made that would result in a change from gradual emancipation to massive upheaval. They were instead used as were so many others to bring into being the "new world order" that we hear so much about but that often gets misunderstood--the forest of the whole being lost amid the various distractions of the myriad intrigues clouding the more simple truths.

Obviously deception and the weaving of false narratives has played a role in these developments, and we will discuss that in due order...

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