STOP! (the 9/11 coverup version) - A fun and educational game for the whole 9/11 Truth family -

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Maybe I'm showing my age here, but before Scattergories came along, we used to play essentially the same game under the name of STOP!

The game consisted of first coming up with 5 or so categories, like car models, famous dogs, types of cheese, etc. The game began with someone calling out "A!" and then proceeding through the alphabet in their head (silently) until someone said "STOP!" at which point the alphabet person would say what letter they had been stopped at, at which point everyone set to work filling in the categories with words starting with that letter. Anyone could at any point yell "STOP!" and silently count to ten before calling out STOP to indicate the end of the round.

Scoring was 0 for no answer, 5 for an answer that someone else also had, and 10 for a unique answer. Then another round would commence.

SO, how's about we update the game for our own truthing purposes? Any number of categories could exist, but I propose the following to start:

S - Shills: those who assist in the cover-up
T - Truthers: anyone recognizable to the rest as a truther
O - Objects: inanimate objects related to the 9/11 crimes - molten steel, pulverized concrete, passport, etc.
P - Patsies: anyone we are supposed to think was involved but either weren't or played a minor role
S - Suspects: people who have some splainin'to do

Yes, I realize that spells STOPS, as in 9/11 TRUTH STOPS WAR, but really the categories can be anything, and can be invented every time one plays. Also, there will no doubt be arguments over people's answers--some will maybe think that a Patsy named by someone is actually a Suspect. That is good, since a quick discussion and vote will have to take place, with any ties going to the person whose answer is in question, who cannot vote.

So let's suppose the letter was the ever popular "P"

Shill: Popular Mechanics (shills need not be people only)
Truther: Paul Craig Roberts (first or last name OK)
Object: Pentagon (objects can be big or small, simple or complex)
Patsy: Powell, Colin
Suspect: Philip Zelikow


Score, tally, and repeat with a different letter! Having some references at hand to resolve disputes (WHO the hell is Peter Piper?? WHAT Plastic bag? etc.) might be helpful.

We could even do it online.. anyone ever play Acrophobia online? That's another fun one with a ton of truth potential. Basically random letters are selected in groups of 3 to 7 and you must form an acronym from them... like if the letters are ASDFG, an answer might be "Apparently Silverstein Doesn't Feel Good" Users then vote on each others' to see who has the best. Bonus points for those answering first, IF they get at least one vote. Very addictive in its day!